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Today, my friend Lisa and I spent our weekly afternoon together watching the premiere episode of Jersey Shore (um, yeah I totally watch it... it's the only reality show I keep up with!), partaking in some Starbucks tea and perusing shops in a nearby area we hadn't yet fully discovered. We always have fun together doing the simplest things...

That's us at Buffalo Wild Wings recently. I was there working on my laptop—hello free Wifi!—and texted Lisa that I wished we lived closer so we could hang out on a whim. (It had been a particularly trying afternoon.) She got off work 10 minutes later and called to tell me she was headed over. Now that's a good friend! And... as you can see, we are truly easily entertained.

Anyway, we set out to La Centerra at Cinco Ranch to visit Beau Kisses (pictured above with Lisa), a cute jewelry, gift and clothing boutique. Groupon vouchers in hand for $15 for $30 worth of merchandise, we must've spent a good hour looking at everything in that shop. But our day was absolutely made when we spotted two Texas State bracelets for just $20 apiece.

You may not know this, but it's like being Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible very difficult to find Texas State gear, aside from the actual college bookstores and shops at Texas State in San Marcos. It's even more difficult to find cute Texas State gear. Clearly, this is both mine and Lisa's alma mater. We adored going to school in the gorgeous Texas hill country. Grassy fields, towering shady trees, vintage buildings, farmhouses and barns dotted the landscape everywhere. And let's not forget the infamous Guadalupe river that circles around the bottom of campus. (We float it every summer with a group! I've got a boozy post about that coming soon.)

I graduated in May of 2006 from Texas State's School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a B.A. in Mass Communication - Print Journalism. It was one of the proudest moments in my life (the others being my wedding day, the day I officially began my own business and surely the day I will have a kiddo). I self-funded my entire four-year education, the first two years at a community college in my hometown where I earned an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and the final two at Texas State. I completely fell in love with San Marcos and the university. I had amazing times there, learned more than I could ever share and made lifelong friendships, most notably the one I still have with Lisa. We met by chance during our quest to find new roommates and signed a lease for a town home the very next day. The rest, as they say, is history!

Old Main (pictured above) is the journalism building set atop a hill—and enough stairs to burn off a freshman 15—very nearly in the middle of campus. And it should come as no surprise since it's the foundation for Texas State University. It was an expensive and complicated structure to build in 1902 and until 1908, it was the only campus structure. It's red roof has become a telltale sign that you've entered "Bobcat country," proudly protruding from among the treetops to announce your arrival at Texas State. The university actually opened in 1903 as Southwest Texas State Normal School—a sort of training school for teachers. Over the years, it was expanded to include Normal College, Teachers College, College, University, and in 2003 to Texas State University-San Marcos.

Here's a photo of my graduation day and one of the husband and I (we were engaged at the time!) post-ceremony...

But BACK to what I was saying in the first place! (And no I haven't been drinking, I just get sidetracked sometimes. I mean, who doesn't? Nostalgia wins every time...)

Beau Kisses had Texas State necklaces, earrings and more bracelets—all with a tasteful dose of bling—and we'll definitely be back to stock up on more in the future. Plus, they occasionally get blinged-out school shirts and other cute apparel in, so I told 'em to let me know when it arrived! (There were also pieces for Texas A&M, LSU, Texas Tech and UT.)

The inside of the boutique was adorable and smelled really good thanks to the line of Tyler Candles they offer. Beau Kisses had lots of fun gifts for every occasion, from wine parties to bridal showers. Plus seasonal items, too, like the spooky Halloween goods on display at the front table—complete with spider rings and bracelets and black koozies with witty slogans like "Truth Serum" or "Elixir of Doom." There was a full collection of Pandora bracelets and jewelry, wine koozies (known as "woozies"), beautiful photo frames, trinkets and more jewelry.

And that, my friends, is the story of Beau Kisses and our Groupon shopping adventure. Oh, and the story of Texas State and my college graduation experience. Aren't you glad you stopped by for a read? I knew you would be. Now go have a cold one and enjoy the Texas sky (if you're under one)... it's Friday!


  1. My sister will be attending Texas State as a freshman this month and I'm from Luling, not sure if you ever drove through there! :)

  2. Driven through Luling more times that I can count! It was always a welcome scene coming back, since I knew I was close. :) Go Bobcats!!

  3. Good times! I can't wait to go back there for a visit. Mac Jennings goes to school there now. This is his second year.


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