{Daily Pics} Dallas to Possum Kingdom

Recently, we spent a good number of hours on the highways—driving from Houston to Dallas, then on to Possum Kingdom then to Keller, back to Dallas and finally landed in H-Town again. I took some fun photos en route because...

sometimes life is just good on the road.

From top to bottom:

1.) Starting out our trip with a new method of curling my hair, no heat curls! I first read about them here, and you can find the video tutorial at the bottom of this post.
2.) Every time the husband and I embark on a road trip and we're starting out in the evening, we always always get Texas double cheeseburger meals from Wendy's. Ya can't mess with tradition.
3.) Just a third of my burgeoning sunglass collection, all bought for a bangin' price including (from left to right) Oscar de la Renta, Emporio Armani, Natural and Ray-Ban.
4.) Day two of my no heat curls. They really work!
5.) A little bling on the roadway never hurt anybody... unless you count those construction workers I accidentally blinded with my toe ring. Oops.
6.) Driving through downtown Weatherford. Some places are a trip down a historical lane—literally.
7.) The cabin we stayed in with friends at Possum Kingdom. We had so much fun jet skiing, eating, drinking, listening to country music and floating around in the water.
8.) The husband and I in front of said cabin.
9.) Goodbye and farewell...


  1. looks like a fun road trip....I love posseum kingdom...hubby and I took our 1st camping trip together there when we were dating...29 years ago...then we've been back over the years with our kids...

  2. Hi, Texas girl..me, too..only...I'm waaay past being a *girl*..I'm now a great grandmother.
    ANYway, my daughter and kids just got home from PK..thought you might like to look at my grandgirls wakeboarding..the post is up now.
    Glad ya'll had a good road trip..I hate 'em with a passion but every now and then, we get a good one, too.:))
    xo bj

  3. oops, forgot..my waffle post is up now, the girls at PK is the next post down.

  4. Where is posseum kingdom
    Enjoyed the pictures

  5. your hair looks awesome amber!


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