{Home Decor} Seeing Stripes

It's become a little-kept secret that I'm into zebra print. Some that know me well find this entertaining—dare I even say shocking—since I used to scoff at the women who proudly donned their bling, zebra print-emblazoned flip flops dripping in bedazzled crystals or tissue tees with sequins and gems all over the place. Though I try to keep my taste in, well, "moderation" it has come to be a popular sight in our household. I mostly adhere to the trend for home decorating, like this vase I purchased a few weeks ago or a couple smatterings of zebra I introduced to our house back in April, but the pattern does occasionally make it into my jewelry such as this bracelet that always get compliments whenever I wear it.

So it should then come as no surprise that I wanted some zebra pillows for our couches in the living room. There's so much brown involved in our interior decor, because that seems to be the nature of things when your theme is a little bit country and a whole lotta Texas rustic-inspired. Changing things up with a random pattern or a totally different color family is often a challenge, so I try to keep things interesting where I can.

Except the only problem is that I can't really sew. I was gifted a sewing machine for my wedding—two machines, actually, we had to return one!—and I've made the haphazard set of curtains here and there. But I'll confess that I've not hemmed, stitched or sewed much more than that. My mom, however, is a sewing machine ninja and whips up crafts, pillows, curtains, gifts and more (and repairs the occasional ripped seam for any of her four grown-up kids) on the regular. So when I mentioned making some pillows during the weekend she was in town with me, I knew it'd be a success—because she so graciously took the time to create some pillow covers from some fabric and fluffy trim I'd gotten at Hobby Lobby. The results? Zebra fantastic.

Annnnd because my mom loves me so much, she used the leftover fabric to make me a runner for my kitchen table—which ties into the mini lamp shades on the chandelier that hangs above it. (Please try to ignore those awful curtains hanging above the window... they're in the slowly progressive process of being replaced.)

How about those gorgeous roses, huh? They're blooming so beautifully. The vase is a new addition, too. It was a $2.42 clearance find at Stein Mart and I love it.

I've promised my husband we're not adding any more zebra to the house—I know it already borders on a bit too much and might need to be toned down a tad in future. Instead, I'm siphoning the obsession into other areas, like my new Texas Take jewelry logo:

In just a few weeks, I'll be participating in my first craft show so I've been gathering supplies to decorate my booth area. I've got matching business cards on the way, and the most adorable zebra-print mini gift bags for shoppers who purchase items at the show. That also means lots of new designs coming to Texas  Take soon—and some with, you guessed it, a lil bit of zebra. Seeing stripes ain't so bad. ;)

I've confessed. So what's your latest obsession?


  1. Love all the zebra. Your jewelry is awesome. You will do great at the show.

  2. I am into WHITE!! Can't wait for you to get here and see what I have done to the bedroom! The doors are WHITE!! Really white!
    Glad you like the pillows....I enjoyed making them!

  3. Wow looks really good!! I haven't been to your place since you've finished all the unpacking. I can't wait for my boxes to be empty. ;o)


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