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I am happy to report this week is off to a good start. I'm working on getting my own freelance company set up, which shall be revealed to y'all in due course! I'm working on my logo design, website and DBA paperwork. All that's left is to obtain a home address so I can complete the requirements and get on over to the courthouse and make it official.

Our house hunt is still ongoing. I don't think I ever fully explained our situation on here, but we own a house that's currently rented out to a wonderful lady; and since we didn't know where exactly we wanted to be in the area and were up for a "fresh start," we have decided to live in a renter for awhile. A nice one. Which is currently the holdup, because the "nicer" rent houses don't take as kindly to you when you mention you have four hairy hoodlums pets. We're perfect in every other way, but all they hear is "two dogs, two cats... yada yada yada."

Then we talk about buying, but then we'd have two houses. But it might be easier and make more sense. Yet renting is more suited to our situation, but are we just investing into an "empty house?"

So we're still looking.

In the meantime, I'm working on a story about our road trip across Scotland and fulfilling other various freelancer work that's (thankfully) keeping me occupied and filled with purpose. Job hunting is always a creative challenge for me - I love to see what interesting things are out there!

But it's not all house hunts and pen to paper. I'm headed to the pool for a swim workout and enjoying the blue skies and sunshine that grace our every day here in H-Town. (Except for that nasty downpour yesterday that drenched me on the way out of the grocery store. Been awhile since I was hit with a Texas-sized raindrop. Sheesh.)

And my mind often wanders to recent memories from Scotland, which seems so far away but not that long ago. I mean, we were just at our friend's wedding in Aberdeen, singing along to a dance remix of John Denver's "Country Roads."

There's even the little things, like a trip to the grocery store. I'm seeing all kinds of new American products, snacks and food on the shelves that I haven't even tried yet! Funniest yet, though, is the UK section I spotted at Kroger yesterday. It was only a fraction of an aisle, but they had everything from Heinz Salad Cream (bleck) to Walkers Shortbread cookies!! I thought, oh how the tables have turned. I remember our International "corner" at the Asda store in Aberdeen; that's where we got our tortillas, refried beans and salsa!

Needless to say we're digging all the good eats we've missed, but are constantly reminded of our life in Scotland, still fresh in our minds. There's nothing like an out-of-country experience to make you see everything in a new light!

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  1. Glad you are enjoying the process.....that's what LIFE is all about! Happy Hunting!


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