Thank You Notes

My mom always impressed upon me the importance of writing thank you notes.

And she was right.

They are a sign of good manners and even better intentions. You never know when a nice thank you card might make someone's day! Or get you a second invitation just for being polite.

So I thought it was rathering interesting, and even more entertaining, when I discovered this blog belonging to Leah Dieterich.

Her mom always told her to write her thank you notes.

And now she does.

Leah writes a thank you note to post on her blog every single day. It can be to a person, to an object, to a feeling. But she authors one each and every day.

Brilliant, huh?

Sure makes you look on the slightly brighter - and more thankful - side of life.

{All photos by THXTHXTHX}

1 comment:

  1. How clever! I am going to have to 'follow' this one!
    SO looking forward to when YOUR blog posts are of the TEXAS theme again!
    Happy Packing!!!


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