Sweet Tooth

Why hello there. You, my friend, have my name written all over you in sticky, yummy syrup.

How good does that Crème Brulée French Toast Casserole look?

Get the recipe here.

For more delicious bites, check out Bakerella's mouth-watering cheesecake bars.

Not in the mood to cook? Try out these free candy bar wrappers, they're a treat.

And here's a handful of Texas Tales posts you might have missed on yer way out...

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”
~Ernestine Ulmer 

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  1. LOOKS delicious!!!! I like how you 'click here' for the recipes! Pretty handy! I am cooking healthy these days.....mainly for Louis Dean. I still have and use a list of menus you gave me after he had a heart attack. Somehow I do NOT believe I will be making the ones on THIS post as much as I would like to!


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