The Beginning of December...

These past few weeks have kept me busy, busy, busy hence my elongated absence from the blog! Last year at this time we were gearing up to host a holiday party, among many other things, and this year I feel like I can barely keep up. We even decided not to have a big party this time because both the husband and I are tiiiiiired. The effect of having four two-and-a-half-year-olds this time, perhaps?

Either way, we have gotten a few things accomplished amidst day-to-day life. Like our holiday photos! It'd been quite awhile since we had a family photo shoot done and I didn't schedule anything until the last minute, so a cousin of one of my quad momma friends is a photographer and squeezed us into her schedule. We got some great images as a result! My little babies are growing up...

{photos by lindsay wilcox photography}

I literally just got our Christmas card order in the mail today, so I'll be stampin' and mailin' fast as I can this week. I also got the tin photo ornament I order each Christmas since we had the quads. Love it! Both the cards and ornament are from Snapfish—I've used their website for years and am always so pleased with the products and quality.

Recently, I took the kids bright and early on a Friday morning to meet up with my grandma—who's made a wonderful recovery since a serious stint in the ICU a couple weeks ago!—and my mom. We went for lunch and then visited at my aunt's house nearby. It was so awesome to have four generations together!

In the past week, I've been able to get some of our Christmas decorations up and am nearly finished. We opted not to do hardly any lights on the exterior of the house to save both time and energy, but at least the porch is done!

Work has continued at a steady pace as I write for various magazines and a book publishing company, and I also managed to finally reopen my Etsy shop! For now, I'm focusing on kid-friendly jewelry, mainly the chunky-style necklaces that are a hit with toddler girls through teens. Lots of Frozen orders going out right now! I've got a couple listings on my site and have been doing loads of custom orders, so please email me or message me on Etsy if you would like something specific!

In between tea parties with their grandma, Mother's Day Out every Monday, play dates, errands with me, trips to the park and helping rearrange the ornaments on the bottom half of the Christmas tree twice a day—hello eight "helping" hands!—the quads have stayed rather busy themselves, as well.

New tyke-friendly meal plans, Christmas decor and more coming soon! 

Happy holiday prepping... :)
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  1. I think you and I were both blogging and posting at the same time tonight! Had a wonderful day with you!!!

    1. Yes I think we were! Like mother, like daughter... :)

  2. I can only imagine how tired you are, I am exhausted just reading your blog;)
    Love Love the Christmas Pictures, and the one of Trystan is well she is a beautiful little girl.
    Hope your Etsy Shop does well, anything "Frozen" is a money maker,
    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Frozen is so addictive!! Yes, I was practicing some photography on Trystan that day and she was the perfect subject :)

  3. Beautiful jewlery! Thanks for sharing glimpses into your life with your readers. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Is there a place we can read the articles you write?

    1. Thank you! Happy to have you reading along.

      Here's a link to my professional website, which is currently in the process of being updated! Most of the links are from two years ago, and I've written much since then! http://www.amberbellcreativefreelance.com/

  4. I love how you styled your family pictures. So adorable!

    I am hosting a Jameson Monroe giveaway on Our Little Miracles. You should stop by and check it out.


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