Nativity Toddler Book & Craft

As the Christmas season gets in full swing, I've been keen on teaching the quads about Baby Jesus and His birth, the manger and the nativity scene. Though they might not fully grasp the concept of Jesus and what His birth signifies, they can certainly learn that He's a special person and that we celebrate him always, especially at Christmas. Here's a quick book and craft combo I put together for an afternoon at home! They really enjoyed it.

I printed this coloring page of Baby Jesus in a manger, then while the kids put their crayons to paper I cut up some raffia I had in my craft closet and pulled out a package of colored craft sticks I got at Wal-Mart.

Then we read one of our books before gluing on the craft sticks in each kid's chosen color and then spotting on glue and adding raffia as the hay in the manger.

Afterward, we set the papers aside to dry and read the remaining two books to help solidify the concept. They really listened intently and now readily identify Jesus in the manager in photos, tree ornaments and more. Plus their time at church reinforces these Biblical learnings. Mission accomplished!

How do you share Jesus with your tots?
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  1. So happy to read that they are learning at a early age that Christmas is more then just Santa and toys.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Amber, I think it is wonderful what you are teaching the quads at home.
    After all,,, Jesus Is The Reason For The Season!

    Rita in TN

  3. You made my day...to see your teaching your children about the true meaning of Christmas. Today I went to a Christmas program at achool and was terribly dissappointed. 1950s christmas all about Elvis. What does Elvis got to do with Christmas?!?! I left early...sorry grandkids!!

  4. I've been searching for a good manger craft to do with the quads and find mostly secular stuff..the quads identify Jesus, but I wanted a craft. I may copy you :)

  5. Love that you are teaching your kids about Jesus! Our elf brought our kids the Little People Nativity several years ago and my kids love it and it reminds them about the real reason for Christmas!


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