{Weekend Recap} Grill Out & Surf's Up!

Since it's a new weekend, I figured it's as good a time as any to update about last weekend. That seems to be about the pace I'm moving at these days. Onward and upward, shall we?

The husband and I laid around with the babies on Saturday and took naps of our own while they slept after lunch, then set out some steaks and cracked open a bottle of wine when some friends came over with their two kiddos to join us for dinner at the house. The quads loved watching the older kids and Harrison immediately took a liking to their adorable three-year-old little boy, following him around everywhere. And during dinner, Harrison mimicked him when he started saying "Stinkerbell!" which irritated his big sister immensely! But she was an excellent sport when the quads started launching select pieces of food from their seats at the table—not necessarily a normal event, but she took it all in stride. :)

I adore that last photo of Trystan standing by our friend's five-year-old, almost like a glimpse of things to come!

Sunday morning the husband and I fiiiinally attended a church service for the first time in quite awhile, thanks to my parents who stayed at the house with the babies. We found a Methodist church nearby—the husband was raised Catholic, I was raised Baptist and we met in the middle before we tied the knot—that we loved within the first five minutes of being there. I felt so spiritually energized and rejuvenated and look forward to the quads attending Children's Church there in the near future. We toured the nursery after the service and met with the caretakers who were working that morning. I was pleased to hear all the nursery and children's service workers are background checked and given nursery-specific training! The church is a really nice size and has plenty of activities for adults, kids and families alike going on throughout the year. Including a Mother's Day Out program. More shades of things to come!?

Later in the afternoon, the husband and I loaded up the fab four and headed to our quad friend's second birthday party, adorably themed Pirates and Princesses! There were so many moments where we happily observed how much more independent the kids are becoming as well as how outings are slowly becoming easier. (Don't get me wrong, it's still a lot of work and I end up drenched in sweat every time! But certain things give me much less anxiety when it comes to hauling four little kiddos out of the car and turning 'em loose!)

Above are the two quadfather's conversing over my crew, who were happily snacking and the girls are wearing their cute tiaras and princess dresses. Below is myself and my quad momma BFF, Amber, with our boys in matching attire! I also love that Amber dressed to theme in a Princess-worthy frock and pearls. :)

Everything was so thoughtfully prepared and the party was a huge success. We stayed until the end! The kids had gone the whole day without much of a nap, but had handled it all very well and stayed pretty occupied with the new surroundings and all the people and kid watching. I love the family photo we captured on our front porch before we left!

I know Mondays are clearly no longer the weekend, but I have to include this little snippet because I truly thought I was in for it!! Monday morning rolled around and I reluctantly forced myself out of bed to get the week started. My nanny arrived (she's with me on Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings for the summer) and helped me prep breakfast and get the quads up, change diapers and dressed. By 9:15am, we had all the babies in the car and were en route to a nearby mall for some air conditioned play time in the kid's area. I even managed to squeeze in a very brief trip to Victoria's Secret—have you tried their Incredible sports bra?!—before we moseyed over to the food court for lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Afterward, there was a surf shop that caught my eye so we scooted the babies inside in their strollers and they were able to watch a group of kids practicing their surf skills on an indoor wave. The store employee kindly gave us permission to test out the wave-shaped jumpy, and the kids loved that! 

After such an active morning, I was soooo looking forward to the kid's napping well and myself enjoying a well-earned break. But, alas, Kailey refused to nap at ALL and Logan woke up early screaming and crying. At one point, I was near tears myself. I reluctantly ended naps/quiet play time early and got the bath tub ready. The next hour resulted in a broken glass jar in the bathroom, two out of four tossing water out of the bath tub every chance they got, group screams and cries while they all waited their turn to be dressed after baths, Harrison peeing on the carpet, Kailey finding the can of Baby Lysol and proceeding to spray half of it while my back was momentarily turned, no one thinking that time in the play room was a good idea despite being gone all morning and so the story goes....

I was ready to quit! But I had a somewhat oddly calming thought during the chaos when I realized that the formula for a perfect day simply does not exist. One kid, four kids or eight kids, there's no magical schedule or system or strategy one can follow that results in pleasant children all day, seven days a week! And with four two-year-olds, sucky days can be expected and that afternoon happened to be one of them. So I mustered as best I could and finished out the day, hoping to start again with renewed strength in the morning.

The next day did get better and everyone actually napped! Harrison and Kailey may have fallen asleep on the floor in front of the door to their room, after pulling all the toys out of the two small bins I have left in there while they continue to adjust to the freedom of toddler beds! But I counted it a win and caught up on a little shuteye myself.

The rest of this week has been pretty decent and I'm looking forward to sharing some new posts and enjoying a low-key weekend with the fam. And a little peace and quiet, one can hope! Sometimes the hard days are the ones that lend you the most perspective when you least expect it...
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  1. Amber, you are wise beyond your years!! I am SO proud of you!

  2. I'm a little confused... what do you mean "of things to come". I keep thinking maybe you're pregnant? But I thought I remember you saying you're done. I have no idea! lol I may be way off, huh?

    1. Haha nooooo more kids. I just meant perhaps my crew will enroll in Mother's Day out in the near future! Would love to finally take that step!

    2. Oh and that the photo of my two year old standing next to a much taller, much more talkative five year old was like getting a glimpse into the future. My girls will be that age in just a few more years!

  3. Great post, so true about your enlightened perspective. It's those hard days that make the "good" ones all the more sweeter!

  4. Thanks for the update and great pictures.
    You have made it thru so many "bad" days and did great:) I remember you writing about a trip to the back yard and one or two of the kids slipping in doggie doo..you got thru that morning smelling like a rose;) You are doing great!!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  5. I so much loved having your crew at our party. It was so much fun seeing all the toddlers playing :). And their outfits were party perfect !
    I love your admission of an imperfect day. It's the truth! We plan and organize but there will always be "off" days that bring us to our knees. That makes the times when it goes well more special!
    Oh, I am proud of y'all for taking the step to try a church. It's something we want to do in the near future, it's still a bit intimidating. We always feel at home in Methodist churches too.

  6. ohmygosh, 4! I can't even imagine the chaos. But oh so wonderfully full of life too. You are super woman. Pirates and Princess party - that is so cute. Love that your friend wore a princess gown. A+! The top pic looks like you have a group of floating babes. I had to do a double take!


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