Sometimes you just have to be done...

It's been a hell of a week so far. I'm exhausted. There's so much I want to share with y'all, though. So many adorable photos of the babies, how we're managing our daily life in a small space. There's thoughts and feelings that I want to talk about, difficult things I'm having to work through and sort out for myself in this new stage of our life. Giving up things, taking on more things, finding a balance in it all. Not losing myself in the chaos. But sometimes...just sometimes...you have to turn out the lights and the call the day done. So I did. Because I'm dangerously close to slipping off an emotional cliff—the kind where you've stretched yourself too thin—and I'm working on taking advantage of moments that will help me recollect myself and start again the next day. Because, in the end, there are four sweet innocent little people that rely on me to make their world go 'round.

Here's to self-made moments of relaxing and recharging.

Look for new posts coming this weekend!


  1. You are a WONDER!!! Love and prayers!

  2. Dearest Amber
    You are one amazing young lady. Continued prayers and many hugs from one of your biggest admirers.
    Take Care:)

  3. You are amazing Amber. Hang in there sweetie and make sure to take the time to take care of YOU!!!!
    Sending you love and prayers

  4. Some days we do just need to take a time out in life because the world starts crashing down on us. It is okay to let some things go. I myself am still trying to learn this. I hope you will get that good old Amber energy back soon but take the time you need. You will be a better mom and wife once you take that 20 or 60 minute bubble bath with hopefully no interruptions and its okay if you have to take that time a couple times a week!

  5. Love your blog! Cutest little quads :-) cannot wait to continue to follow your story! I think you are amazing and have handled going from zero kids to four, with such wonderful grace and humor! I want to start blogging! We adopted our first son who is almost 4, and just started the foster care process, so maybe I should journal our journey like you have! What a great way to remember it all for your kids!

  6. So true! You needed this. When I was on Bedrest I took a 2 hour bath nightly. I just realized I have taken one bath since delivery. Done!

  7. You are truly amazing! Take as much time as you can for YOU. I think you've gone through the desert without asking for directions and done a beautiful job. Your Mom is a dear blogging friend so I know of what I speak. ;-)


  8. Lots of prayers for you guys, especially YOU! Praying life slows down a bit soon for you. We pray for you guys daily. Love and blessings to you all!
    -Blaire and Russell Reagan

  9. Motherhood isn't for sissy's that's for sure. And in your case times 4. You hang in there.


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