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Cramming a family of six into a small two bedroom apartment wasn't exactly our dream situation. But we've been avidly house hunting and moving on with our newly relocated phase of life as best we can. This is our third house to purchase so it's definitely not our first rodeo and we're on the search for a house that feels like home, can comfortably accommodate our (instantly) large family and has a spacious backyard. In the meantime, here's a glimpse inside our itty bitty living space!

our living room, dining room and part of the kitchen—all still very colorful thanks to baby paraphernalia everywhere ;)

the notorious "quatro corral" where the crew plays so well together

our wet bar...for diaper changes

a corner of the kitchen used for making 16 bottles a day

the babies' room—they sleep two to a crib at night, but we incorporate the pack-and-plays for naps during the day

a peek into our (super messy) bedroom, where most of the unpacked boxes reside

a very crammed closet and master bathroom space, and a howdy doo from yours truly!

As you can see, not much of a tour to give 'round these parts but it gets us by and brings us all closer together every day. *Smirk* Okay, so it's not heavenly each second of the day. "I love four crazy, cranky crying babies," said no one ever. However, it is only temporary and after taking a serious timeout for some "me time" last night, I'm feeling better and ready to check out some more houses. Onward...


  1. Good for you! I am loving having y'all so close these days! Enjoyed popping in this afternoon and seeing the babies and helping with a feeding. I realize it will be a bit of a drive when you move to a new home so until then I will visit every chance I get!! You are only 5 minutes away!!

  2. How very creative with the wet bar area. I had to do a two bedroom apt once with 3 teenage boys and two dogs, that was not fun either but we did survive. I pray the Lord leads you to the perfect house for you very, very soon. Can't wait to meet the group.

  3. We have rented a bedroom with kitchen privleges, lived in a one bedroom apartment in the upstairs of an old house with a 6 year old, lived in a house where it was so cold you could see your breath & we had to shut off most of the house in the winter, etc.,etc., etc. At the time, it was not fun. However now that my children are adults with little ones of their own and my husband and I are rattling around in this big house, I miss those days when we were young with no aches, pains, or money. Now we have money, and lots of aches and pains. You will survive and someday you will look back on this time and laugh!

  4. God Love ya Amber:)
    Love the wet bar turned changing area. I am nosey do you have your washer/dryer with you? Do you and Mike dine at the quad table also?
    Continued prayers that the "perfect" home is found quickly.
    Take care and Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes thankfully it came with a washer and dryer and we do eat at the quad table often!

  6. Well I sure hope you will find the perfect house for the six of you as soon as possible !
    Living with quads in a small space must be quite hard, but it must be nice to have your mom 5 minutes away ! I'm pretty sure my mom would looooove to live 5 minutes away from my house (and actually I'd love it too, since I work from home I could see her more often).
    How are the quads adjusting to their environment ? Do you take them out every day ? It must be quite an organization to take them all for a walk !
    Oh and by the way, a couple of days ago, my husband came home with a small Vtech car named "Tristan", it made me smile ! : )

  7. I think the wet bar turned changing table makes the place, along with the bottle making space of course. Hopefully the cozy quarters are very temporary! We feel crammed in our house so I can't imagine doing this all in an apartment. You are making do rather well. Kep taking those candlelit baths when possible.

  8. I don't know how you do it in that little space. You are an amazing lady. Hope you find a house soon!


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