Saturday Freedom

I'm counting down the minutes. My mother-in-law and her mom are coming over this afternoon to watch the quad squad for a couple hours while the husband and I go look at an open house, find lunch somewhere and maybe do a little shopping. Ecstatic would be the word you're looking for. I'm not gonna lie, I feel like I haven't had much freedom lately, which is definitely made worse by living in an apartment with the babies. The rooms are getting smaller by the day. House hunt is on, baby.

Friends and family are making our world go 'round right now. My mom and sister took over the dinner feed and putting the crew to bed the other night so the husband and I could get out for dinner and a movie. We were so tired we barely stayed awake through the movie, but it was so nice to be in a dark, quiet (other than the movie!) place with no kiddos to keep us occupied.

This morning, breakfast got a do-over. I made two bowls FULL of oatmeal, Greek yogurt and mixed fruit. I set them on the quad tale for a second while I took a sip of my hot tea. When I turned back around, Logan had grabbed one of the bowls and dumped it all over the table! We even caught a photo of the travesty. She was looking at the pile of food like she was trying to figure out how she could eat if off the table. I'm pretty sure she was considering just sticking her face in it.

After I got a new bowl of food made, the babies ate like champs and have been playing really well this morning.

Kailey's chillin' pose during every meal at the table
me with the big man this morning
I'm about to put them down for a morning power nap (we've added this in addition to our post-lunch time nap and it's made for happier happy babies) so I can get ready. The husband is out viewing a house right now that I found for sale by owner. When he gets back, we'll feed the quads lunch and head out.



  1. Have so much fun! I hope you guys find the perfect house and that once you put in an offer everything goes smoothly. I totally understand the being so tired on date nights. There are times I literally want to check into a hotel room during dates to just sleep! Logan looked very happy with her mess this morning!!

  2. Yeah for afternoon and evening outings with the hubby, especially baby free ones:)
    Love the look on the girls faces with the spilled oatmeal, Logan looks estatic,Trystan looks says cant believe you did that and Kailey looks says I didnt do it;)
    Hope you find a house quickly.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Hi Amber,

    I hope you had a great great afternoon, and that you enjoyed your freedom! You had me dreaming about having a free afternoon too, I'll see if I can arrange something with my mother in law.
    How did your house hunting session go ? I guess you must be in a hurry to move out of your appartment, and I hope that moving out and in again won't be too tiring for you and your husband !

    I love Logan's face on the spilled oatmeal pic. She looks all excited about this oatmeal spilled all over the table ! It's amazing how quick babies can be when it comes to spilling food all over the place !

    Here in Paris we have a sunny weather today, which had not happened in weeks. We're even thinking about having a BBQ today. We'll see.

    Oh, and by the way, I was saying that my little Ethan was still not crawling...well he started crawling last friday afternoon ! I was thrilled ! But now I have to remove everything (yes, everything) out of his way, because his little hands want to explore absolutely everything.

    Have an excellent sunday.


  4. They have the most precious expressions. It almost looks like Trystan has a smirk on her face with all the oatmeal.

    Good luck on the house hunt


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