World Prematurity Day & Our Happy Ending

As a parent to four preemie babies, born at just 29 weeks and 5 days gestation, today is a special one in our household. It's World Prematurity Day (Nov. 17) and I have taken several moments throughout our busy day to be thankful and feel so blessed for our quadruplet miracles! They have certainly changed our lives forever—and certainly for the better.

These babies have taught us how to survive, they worked so hard to grow strong from the second they were born. My husband and I feel confident that whatever we face times four we will figure out a way to muddle through! It's amazing already to look back on the past 5 1/2 months...we've conquered and surpassed night feeds, preemie size clothes and diapers and now we're moving into six-month territory and the babies are measuring nearly right on par with normal term stages.

Our quadruplets are miracles, though we realize there are miracles that arrive every day—even if they do not make it home from the hospital. It takes a special parent to be given a premature baby. The condition that causes them to arrive is rarely ever within our control and we certainly learned how to rely on God for our support as my husband and I were always at His mercy.

I put our four babies to bed tonight, and even as one began to cry and I rocked her for a few minutes, I shed more than a few tears when I took a little time to reflect back on the past year and all that we've been through. From the changing point when the husband and I decided to start our family to the miscarriages and pregnancy losses that tortured our hearts, from the moment we discovered it was not one, but four to our decision not to abort any of them, despite our first doctor's urgings. From the 29 weeks and five days of carrying quadruplets—the hardest challenge I'll ever face in my life—to the 57 days I spent in the hospital before they arrived. From the incredibly scary yet momentous delivery to the first trip to the NICU to visit our small two and three-pound miracles, and from the incredible moments we shared as they learned to breathe and eat and grow to the unforgettable days we were able to bring each baby home.

Logan, Trystan, Harrison & Kailey
My husband and I are beyond grateful for our parents, who have supported us from the beginning, and for my OB whose precautions and wise judgement calls helped me soldier on for nearly 30 weeks. We are grateful to all the nurses and doctors at Memorial Hermann in the Texas Medical Center in Houston who cheered me up on the hard days and cheered me on during the good ones. We are grateful for the extraordinary NICU doctors and nurses who saved our son's life when he became very sick and for helping all four of our babies grow strong—as well as teaching the husband and I the many things we'd need to know about caring for preemies. We could never have imagined we'd be as prepared as we were when we brought them home! And we are grateful for the marvelous family, friends and co-workers who rooted for us during the pregnancy and celebrated with us at the arrival of the quads, for showering us with endless baby gifts and support. We can never thank you all enough.

As we draw near to the Thanksgiving holiday, there is certainly much to be thankful for in our house.

Today is World Prematurity Day...
and we are so thankful for our happy ending.


  1. Oh.my.goodness. I am SO very grateful for this happy ending and the wonderful time we are having with these babies! Praise GOD and thank ALL who have been prayer warriors in behalf of these precious children! Amber - I am so ENORMOUSLY proud of YOU!!! You DID it!!! You are an amazing mother and I marvel at the grace and wisdom God has given you!! This journey was just beginning this time last year. Thank the Lord it is a journey that will last our lifetimes!

    1. Thank you mom! I'm so glad to have had you with us every step of the way!

  2. God bless! They are all beautiful babies..a true gift from God. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Dear Amber
    You as your Mom says are one outstanding young lady, and those Quads are so blessed to have you as thier Mommy.
    I want to Thank you for letting me be a part of your world thru you blog.
    May God continue to bless you and those beautiful babies.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving:)

  4. A amber and Mike, what a beautiful family you have. You guys are doing a super job. Thanks for sharing your life through this blog. It is great to keep up and feel a part of your lives. May God bless you all. Have a very blessed Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for!!

  5. Glad you had a Happy Ending too!


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