{Quad Squad} Babies in the magazine!

Just for fun, I wanted to share a page from the December issue of Houston magazine—I used to be a full-time editor there several years ago, before moving to Scotland, and now I freelance for them on a regular basis. In the contributor's column, where they highlight various writers and photographers that have articles and photos in the magazine that month, there's a photo of myself and my crew and a little blurb below it. Only six months old, and the quads are in their first magazine.... awww. ;)

To read it online, follow this link: http://digital.modernluxury.com/publication/?i=135962&p=24

And for extra kicks, below is my article on jewelry empire maven Kendra Scott. Love her! You can read her story, then flip the page to check out my monthly fashion and retail report on Houston: http://digital.modernluxury.com/publication/?i=135962&p=52

Happy nearly Friday!


  1. I bet I am your FIRST reader for this post!!! I just clicked on my dashboard and it said you posted this 1 minute ago!!!

    As always, I remain your biggest fan!!

  2. Wow...Not only can you take care of quads, your home and everything else like a pro, you also meet deadlines and write great articles sooo impressive. No wonder your Mom is head over heels proud of you.
    Have a great weekend with those babies:)

    1. Awww, thanks for the vote of confidence. :) Happy weekend!

  3. Thanks for the love Amber!


    1. So excited to see your comment Kendra! Thanks for the interview, loved chatting with you. Happy holidays!

  4. Love the little quad squad shout out!


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