{Daily Pics} Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving yesterday couldn't have been more perfect. Family, including having my mom and dad together for the first time since my wedding, tons of good food (including pumpkin cheesecake!), lots of lovin' on the quad squad, football, movies and warm fuzzy feelings. We even got our Christmas tree up, thanks to my dad and his wife's help, which was a chore I thought wasn't going to happen for awhile. Hooray!

Now the husband and I are throwing on some sweats to run up to the movie theater to catch the new 007 film, Skyfall, which I've been dying to see. My mom and step-dad are coming over to watch the babies while we get out for a few. So excited.

In the meantime, here's snapshots of our Turkey Day at home.

Dad and Harrison.

Happy little man!

My dad and his wife with the quads.

Appetizers, YUM!

My step-dad and Logan watching football.

Harrison and my dad.
Me and my mom.
Thanksgiving dinner is served!! 
My husband and Kailey at the dinner table.

My mom and Trystan—who got a teeny tiny taste of sweet potato casserole! She loved it!
There's no doubt, Harrison loves football. And I LOVE that little boy.

Trystan's first piano lesson. :)

Sweet girl loved the bright white keys.

We got the tree up! I'm impressed with that alone. We'll be decorating over the weekend.
Little big man showing off during tummy time.
It's so nice that we still have two more days of "weekend" left. The husband has loved being at home and participating in things he normally missed while at work, like tummy time and spoon feedings. The quads got acorn squash yesterday since it was Thanksgiving—they did pretty good, but I'll venture a guess and say it's not their favorite food so far. Now we get to spend some time relaxing as a family of six, watching movies, feeding, playing with babies and decorating for the holidays. We spend so much time inside our home these days taking care of our crew that it was important to me that we enjoy festive decor and an uplift in spirit as we take on the holiday season. Happy weekend!

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