{Quad Squad} Two months & counting!

So this post is a little late, since the quads are getting closer to three months old now but I just have to share a couple of their two month photos!

Kailey and Logan. So sweet!
Everyone is doing really great. We had a bit of a scare with Trystan (you can read about that here and here) but she's doing fine for now and we're keeping an eye on her sporadic reflux that causes her to choke. Ready for some individual updates? Read on!

Trystan: Other than her choking episodes and an overnight stay in the ER, she's trucking along and gaining ground. We were a bit concerned during her first week home because she only gained about three ounces that week. (The other babies average around an ounce a day or just over.) But we've been diligent about working with her during feedings and encouraging her to finish that bottle and it seems to be paying off. Last week, she gained three ounces in four days! She now weighs 6lbs 11.5oz and averages 70-90 mls per bottle. We still refer to her as our little owl because she always has big, wide open eyes observing everything around her. She always spares a grin now and then, too, if you tickle her under her chin juuuust right. We're beginning to think she'll have auburn-colored hair as it has a pretty coppery sheen to it. And she's also got a temper if you mess with her feeding time or don't get to her dirty diaper fast enough. Girl's got some pipes!

Kailey: Our sweet little diva! Kailey has such a pretty face and the perfect little pouty lips. She sticks them out all the time when she wants to eat, needs a clean diaper, isn't happy with her current situation or simply wants to be held. She's gaining weight very well and now clocks in at 7lbs 9.5oz. Kailey's also draining her bottles dry more and more frequently, sucking down 110 mls now. She and Harrison are snuggle buds. In fact, we've identified Kailey as "The Snuggler" overall since she makes her way over next to anyone she's sharing a crib or pack-and-play with and lays her arms or legs over them. She's also the tummy time champ and wriggles her way across the mat or onto the floor quite often. Right now, Kailey's a bit of a bobble head as she whips that neck around but she's learning to hold it up a bit and can easily raise it up and switch it from side to side when laying on her stomach.

Kailey & Harrison
Harrison: Little man is still a sloppy, lazy eater but he hasn't given up his top spot and continues to lead the pack in size and weight. He topped eight pounds last week and now weighs in at 8lbs 1.5oz. Before, he literally slept ALL the time but it awake more during the day now and has the most gorgeous eyes. He is fairly content most of the time, especially if he's cuddled up on the couch with mom or dad and gets to hang out and watch TV. Harrison also has developed more and more facial expressions and is slowly becoming more interactive with is surroundings. He can hold his head up for several seconds at a time and easily rolls from side to side.

Logan: She's still our over-achiever but we may not be able to call her Peanut much longer. In fact, she tends to go by her other nickname, Loganator, most of the time. She just barrels through everything in her path! Today she graduated from Level 1 nipples on her Dr. Brown bottle to Level 2. It just wasn't flowing fast enough! Born smallest at 2lbs 6oz, she's started packing on the ounces and has surpassed Kailey and comes in second in weight at 7lbs 11.5oz. Little girl's got no neck though, and we joke she's going to be a football player! We have to keep her neck creases clean and dry and she's started getting adorable little fat rolls on her thighs. Unfortunately, Logan does deal with some reflux but she's been on Prevacid for awhile and it seems to be helping a lot. She finishes her bottles most of the time, drinking 95 mls, and appears to have less discomfort from the acid and gas. Since she's got a power neck, Logan can hold up her head up a good deal and rolls from side to side during tummy time or attempts to crawl over one of the girls. The other day we caught her head butting with Harrison. :)

So how are mom and dad doing? So glad you asked! We are hanging in there. Some days are incredibly hard and others are much more smooth and very enjoyable. But no matter how sleep deprived we are—I totally konked out while standing up the other night, woke up with a start a second later when I started swaying!—or how long we've gone without a shower, we love these babies will all our hearts. At 5am this morning, while trying to keep my eyes peeled open while feeding one of the babies and then getting projectile spit up on, I told the quads it was a good thing they were all so cute! I still can't believe that our lives now revolve around four little people, and I'm grateful for the help of family and friends. I'm pretty impressed that the husband and I have managed a little time away from the house now and then. We've enjoyed a lunch and dinner out and have seen two movies since the quads came home from the hospital three weeks ago. Each week, we try to do something whether it's a movie or a meal or a trip to the grocery store so we can reconnect and get a little breather.

And we've gotten creative with our home life, too. On days we're not as worn out (meaning we got 4 to 5 hours of sleep instead of 2!), we fire up the grill or pop open a beer. Yesterday we walked to our mailbox (community box a street over) and enjoyed the outdoor stroll together and before that we spent an hour at the neighborhood pool. It makes all the difference in recharging our batteries and helps us reconnect with each other and not burn out.

Our family friend and honorary grandma, Carol, and the husband's mom (right) hard at work!
Watch out! Quad mom is taking over the grill!
Grilled asparagus, peppers & squash with beef sausage and grilled lemon broccoli & artichoke hearts. Yum!
Two of our three dogs, Jersey & Reese.
"Play with me!"
Well, there you have it! An update on our Texas Tales. Coming next: reflections on life at the NICU.


  1. What a great post!! I have missed you all and this post was JUST the encouragment I needed this evening. Y'all are doing a great job!! YAY for Lynn and Carol! It DOES take a village when you have multiples! They say that for singletons too!

  2. Those little ones are so cute, little fat rolls and neck creases love it:) Dont know how you get anything done I would be holding them all day.
    Glad to read you and Mike are getting out, and yummo your dinner sounds/looks delish especially the grilled lemon broccli and artichoke hearts.
    Thanks for the update, and showing the "fur" babies looks like they are happy:)
    Continued prayers and hugs for the little ones and you.

  3. So So precious. They are growing and getting little fat rolls on them. You look absoultely beautiful and can tell you treasure every momment of being a Momma. Thanks for sharing the fur-babies with us. We can tell they are still getting lots of belly scratches and play time as well. Have a great day! Sherri

  4. Awe, wow, it sounds like you'll are just doing awesome and really getting this parenting thing down. Even though your hands are full I know your hearts are fuller! Thank you for sharing! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

  5. wow yall are doing great...I remember how hard it was with one baby in the house...you guys are awesome...

  6. Michelle - New ZealandAugust 17, 2012

    I love that picture of Kailey and Harrison snuggling, super cute! Glad to hear things are going well for you :)

  7. They all look so cute. Thanks for sharing. We've added you to our blog roll to keep up to date you. Our quads just turned 3 this April. Time flies by fast when your busy with 4.

    The McCleary Quads


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