{Quad Squad} Happy 4th + New Update!

I am dying to share so many posts on here it's ridiculous and one day I shall just sit down and type them all up so they're ready to go without further delay. Until that day arrives, however, I've just got to keep updating y'all on how our fantastic four are doing! Every day they improve so much and are growing so quickly!

The first piece of news is that ALL four babies are now in open cribs! Logan Lee was the last to make her move a few days ago and she's been maintaing her temperature very well. She's still my little peanut and just topped four pounds, still weighing in as the littlest of the bunch. But she's not to be outdone as she's been sucking down her bottles in 15 minutes these days!

Harrison still maintains the lead in weight as he's now 5lbs 3oz. It's so funny to pick him and think he's "heavy" because we'd gotten so used to handling our 2.5lbs babies when they were born. A 9 or 10 pound baby to me just seems like a giant right now! But no doubt our kids are well on their way to double digits. :)

The NICU nurses and doctors are starting to prepare us for bringing a baby or two home before long. Possibly in two weeks! Kailey is up to six bottle feeds every 24 hours (she still gets the other two feeds through her feeding tube), but once a baby reaches eight bottle feeds and is drinking them well, still gaining weight and not having any drops in heart rate or breathing, they are good to go. Seems we may be quickly approaching that point! So right now my priorities are to get a pediatrician lined up for the quads since you have to have one before they'll discharge the baby, and to also get all the car seats properly installed in our suburban.

A good friend of ours had custom hats made for all the babies based on their personalities, with a note included describing each one (I've included this in the photo caption). They turned out SO cute!! Thank you Mitzi!

Harrison - The little fighter who never gives up. Little Rocky!

Logan - Oh the little peanut who amazes all!

Kailey - She's going to be the girly-girl!

Trystan - The wise "gate keeper." She's got such big curious eyes.

Hope YOU have a happy Fourth!


  1. Awesome progress!!! Not one laggard in the bunch! Pretty soon that quiet little nursey will be rocking out to baby noises! Can't wait......

  2. I am so happy they are doing well. It won't be long til we see the post of the first little Bell making their way home. So excited for you and Mike.

  3. Amber, how cute they are, and growing so fast! Can't believe you could have some babies home in 2 weeks-- yeah! (p.s- LOVE those hats!!)

  4. AnonymousJuly 04, 2012

    Are you getting any donations as far as diapers, etc?

  5. Had trouble this morning posting a comment dont know if it will show up or not...so going to try again
    So happy to hear that you are looking for a pediatrician, putting in car seats and preparing to bring those babies home:)
    Dont need to tell you how super cute those babies are getting:)
    Yhanks for the update.

  6. Oh my goodness, quadruple sweetness. Sherri

  7. I love this post. It reminds me of the same journey we went through a year ago. I am so glad all your kiddos are doing well. Stay positive and enjoy the blessings.

  8. Seriously, they are so so cute! I can't believe how well they are all doing! Such blessings! Let us know if you need anything and if you need pediatrician recommendations! Come visit!

  9. They are beautiful, it won't be long now and you will have them all home..what fun! :)

  10. It's like being there with you. Love the pictures. Pamela discharged one of her patients Monday and part of her job was to show the momma how to correctly install the car seat. Oops someone forgot to show Pamela. Mentor to the rescue. :o) Pamela has it down now.


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