Weekend Recap: Party Hardy!

Boy, oh boy, do I have a weekend recap for you guys.

I am posting this on Wednesday because I've literally taken that long to recover! We went to a concert, a crazy fun wedding, saw family and friends and made the eight-hour round trip between Houston and Dallas, all in two and a half days. Whew!

Before I dive in, lemme tell ya a lil story:

Once upon a time, nine young girls all joined a synchronized swimming team called the Pirouettes of Texas. They were very little, scrawny gals (some as young as seven years old) who came from various families and backgrounds. But they shared one great thing in common: they were a team. Fast forward nearly 20 years later and these girls had all grown into beautiful young women. More importantly, they'd grown into the best of friends. Though some of the girls have moved to other cities or states, pursued various professions and entered relationships and new marriages, they remain as close as ever. Each year, they reunite on several occasions to share all the most special of moments together -- a trait that will never get old or ever become less meaningful. The end.

Sweet, huh? Those are my eight best friends. A gal couldn't be luckier to have so many close girlfriends in her life who are there for each other throughout every up and every down. So it was a monumental occasion that we were all able to reunite this past weekend for one of the girl's wedding! C has been with her now-husband, J, for all of eight years. We remember the day they first got together and were so thrilled to celebrate the start of their new life together. However, one of the girls was going to be missing the weekend since she lives out of state and had already forked over funds for several flights home on previous occasions. So we all pitched in to buy her plane ticket and flew her in town for the festivities - we couldn't have anyone absent! Needless to say, having every single one of us together (plus our former swim coaches as well!) was truly amazing.

We kicked off the fun on Friday night with a Roger Creager concert at Billy Bob's - Texas' largest dance hall. Creager is always the sure sign of a good time and I am proud to admit I've turned many of the girls intro Creager fans... that or they just get a kick out of seeing how much I love seeing him perform. ;)

The next day, we all prepped and primped then headed to the chapel for C's wedding! It was a gorgeous ceremony, followed by one of the most fun receptions I've ever been to. We partied, drank, talked, mingled, danced and ate. It was held at the Four Seasons Dallas and was a beautiful event shared among the best of friends. C was a breathtaking bride and spent her entire wedding laughing and smiling. There were also some emotional moments, like when her father spoke briefly at the beginning of the reception. He'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer prior to C's engagement, and it has been a long and hard fight to recovery. It was so moving and miraculous to see him stand proudly at his first-born's wedding and express his love for both her and her new husband. Once our eyes had dried, we dug into some cake then hit the dance floor until 2am, sloshing back tequila shots and even posing in masks and hats that were passed around after midnight. C even thought to have a basket of flip flops available for us gals in heels. Our stomachs were starting to get hungry close to departure and in came a huge delivery of breakfast tacos and pizza. What a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Several of us crashed at my mom's house that night, as she was kind enough to wake up in the middle of the night and come drive us home from the wedding! It was just a few blocks away and we were glad to be able to drink and have fun without having to worry about getting behind the wheel. A long drive home to Houston with a stop at Chili's for some yummy BBQ chicken finished off our weekend. The husband and I had a blast! Congrats to C & J on your union and all our love to our wonderful friends!


  1. What a fun weekend! That wedding looks amazing!

  2. You are all so blessed to have such an awesome friendship bond! And I have been blessed in watching you all grow up to be such extraordinary people!


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