Master Bedroom Reveal!

It is time, dear readers, to show you the bedroom. I've put it off for a long, long time because we always seem to have a literal mountain of laundry threatening to topple over and take up the floor space. Then there are those days that I went through five outfits before deciding what to wear, and all the discards are piled up on the dresser instead of placed back in the closet. Or the husband's shinguards from soccer and dirty socks find their way into the corner. You know, typical master bedroom behavior. *Snicker, wink, wink*

But, without procrastinating any longer, I cleaned the ol' space up and present 'er to you now!

I love those sheets, they were on clearance at Stein Mart and I had a clearance coupon on top of that, and they came out to a whopping $15! They are super comfy and the pattern complements our room. It's easy to get too much tan or brown into a space when you use a lot of rustic decor like we do, so I like breaking things up with designs or color when I can. There's still much to be done but it's definitely a space taking shape!

I thought up the window valiance covers and my mom applied them for me when she helped us move in. They are covered in cream-colored burlap, with a strip of decorative burlap stretched across the middle and stars tacked on top of that. If you know me, you'll know there are a ton of Texas stars scattered throughout every room in my house!

This is the husband's side of the bed, with an engagement picture that needs to be hung but is a precious memento from our wedding. (Guests signed the mat with notes and congratulations on our big day.) His prided rabbit skins cover the top of his dresser (his idea!) and the tray is a $2.50 Target find that I spray painted Rust-Oleum's Heirloom White. Notice more stars on the wall?

This is my side of the bed. I read frequently, so I keep books handy on my dresser with Texas star bookends gifted to me by my sister. The "LOVE" letters were a group effort. I bought the L and E from Hobby Lobby, and the O and V were ugly floral-covered finds at Anthropologie for $2 each. My mom and sister helped me recover them in sale fabric I snagged at Hobby Lobby, and the husband's brother's sweet girlfriend, Amanda, helped me space and hang the set! The framed rose on the dresser top is the very one my husband presented to me the day he proposed. I dried it out then hot glued it to the back of the shadow box for safe keeping.

This mirror is a Pottery Barn item, but I got it on Craig's List for $20. I always need a full-length mirror when getting dressed so I can be sure the shoes match the outfit! ;)

This here is a little montage of our bathroom, since I don't like posting lots of pics from the toilet area on a blog. It's nothing to write home about, but it does have some cool stucco work on the walls with crosses stamped into the stucco. It was already like that when we moved in and we love it! It matches the crosses I had hanging in our old bathroom very well. They have been collected from all over the place by myself or gifted by friends or family. Each one is special and holds it's own meaning. The green sea glass jars are a hand-me-down from my mom.

So that's it! You've come full circle, ending with one of our wedding portraits on the facing wall. It's shot against a huge rustic wooden door, and I've got cowboy boots on underneath my dress. It's totally, well, us. Cute, comfy and country... just how we like it!


  1. loving your bedroom amber! looks great :)

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  3. Love it. I know what you mean about the stars. I originally told David we'll put stars only in a couple areas but they seam to be showing up in other rooms. Just can't help ourselves. Nice job.
    I really like that wall treatment they did in your bath.

  4. Love it ALL!! Good job!

  5. Your bed looks super confy!!


  6. Your bedroom looks great! Love the LOVE on the wall and the crosses in the bathroom! Super homey and comfy for the master!

  7. Great job Amber, I love the Kiss me goodnight on the wall. Looks like you have a very comfortable and cozy home.


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