Seven Things

A fellow blogger over at K.D. Today tagged me in her latest post, "Seven Things." The goal is to post seven things about yourself that most people might not know and then pass on the torch to other willing participants! The blogosphere is all about following people through digital window views into their life. It's so interesting to me to see inside people's homes, seen on interior design blogs; or to get a taste of someone's kitchen, akin to the foodie and recipe blogs I love.

My blog seems to circulate around a lifestyle theme - the lifestyle of my husband and I in our beloved state of Texas, living every day to its fullest and partaking in mini-adventures wherever we can find them. (The current adventure being our impending closing on a house that we've been trying to purchase for three months!)

So I'm happy to share my seven things, hoping you'll learn a little bit more about me and that crazy life I lead. :)

1.) I have a huge phobia of sharks, some of my friends and family know this. They petrify me to the core. What many of you may not know, however, is my equivalent fear of growing old and not being able to do things for myself. It's weird and inevitable, I know, but freaks me out nonetheless.

2.) The ages and background of my kitties is not as well-known a fact as the obvious love I have for the whiskered critters. My oldest cat, July, was obtained on the 4th of July at a picnic where kittens were being given away for free. I saw an orange one that reminded me of Garfield and begged my parents to let me get it. When they finally agreed, we went back and the kitten was gone. In it's place was another fluffy baby, who we named July. She is 18 this year, takes thyroid medication twice daily and lives a very satisfied and pampered life. My "younger" cat, Snowball, is about 12 years old and was rescued from a life of hard labor. My parents and I drove to an address that advertised free kittens for a good home. It was an abandoned shack and we finally found the cats living in the mud and dirt underneath the structure. We didn't realize Snowball was pure white until we gave her a bath at home. She had a near-death experience earlier this year while my husband and I were living in Scotland, but has nearly fully recovered and is doing well. The blue-eyed kitty is commonly referred to (often by mistake) as Snowflake, Snowbell or Snowcat. My husband and I sometimes call her "rabbit" due to her inherent likeness to the soft haired creature.

3.) The only time you'll ever catch me wearing the color pink is if it's fingernail polish. Then, and only then, it must be hot pink worn during the summer months. If I ever have a baby girl, I don't know what I'll do about it...

4.)  I am obsessed with Rachael Ray. I consult her recipes often and wish I had all her cooking products, pots, pans, spoons, cookbooks and her show. Love.

5.) When I was really young, I had a respectable collection of books before I'd even learned to read. I simply enjoyed flipping through the pages and admiring the way the words, sentences and paragraphs looked in print. Journalism was obviously a good career call on my part.

6.) I used to have my belly button pierced until I played soccer for ONE semester at the community college I attended for the first half of my degree. I was hit in the stomach with a soccer ball and it busted my piercing, leaving behind a small scar and the inability to have it re-pierced. Reflecting on the weight gain I've incurred since my athletic years, it's probably for the best.

7.) Sometimes I think I should have been a sociology major and become a life coach. It's still of great interest to me and perhaps one day I'll accommodate a second career.

That's all about me, folks! What about you? Make a post revealing seven things about yourself, then leave the link in the comments section below.


  1. Well I am going to try to do this....later this afternoon! Good job!

  2. Can you be my life coach?? It should be clear that outside of my daughter my life is out of control!

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  4. 1) I could eat my body weight in croissants and cantaloupes.
    2) I hate spiders and often have dreams they are in my bed, which causes me to jump out and tear apart the covers in the middle of the night. My husband is kind enough to calm me down and tell me they are not there and I go back to sleep promptly. I have issues…
    3) I have had over 30 dogs in my life... my family was very particular about animal personalities, but we've had Suzie, a Bichon for 12 years and Missy, a Dachshund for 7 - just took us awhile to find the right ones. I’ve been through three myself, one was evil and would bite me and hated kids, the second was a little slow and my third is Jasper and he is def. a keeper!
    4) I'm a bit of a history freak, nickname could be random facts. I would def. be the person to call on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ except don't ask me about obscure literature or sports facts.
    5) I always change my hair color - I've been blonde, brown, near black and a redhead my freshman year of college – what can I say, I’m versatile.
    6) I hate fishing - mostly because I suck at it. When everyone else is catching bass and catfish, I'm catching sticks and slime. I just avoid it to not feel so inadequate.
    7) I'm always cold. I blame it on my Mom's genes - I'm always parked in front of a heater at work, even in July.

  5. I did it!!


    Now! Did I do it right??


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