Oh, Christmas Tree!

My mom and step-dad spent a week with us helping unpack boxes and get settled into our new house, which also included setting up the Christmas tree. I think my mom had it done in less than 30 minutes! She was itching to get it up from the moment we started hauling things in. It's always so fun to relive memories with each ornament drawn from the box. Though my husband and I have only been married four years, we already have a ton of memories and amazing times between us, many of which are reflected in our ornaments.

Our tree, complete with raffia and loaded gift bags underneath!

We have a few A&M ornaments (the husband is an Aggie), and this is one of our favorites.

We obtained this ornament during our last trip to Vegas, where my synchronized swim team and I placed first in the US Masters competition!

We went to Paris in December 2009 and completely forgot to purchase a keepsake ornament. Fortunately my mother-in-law had this one waiting for us that Christmas!

Both of us are loyal Cowboys fan and this guy proudly adorns our tree.

This bauble is significant of the year we lived in Scotland (2009-2010).

The husband loves penguins, he just thinks they're cool. This dude was a recent housewarming gift from the husband's brother and his girlfriend. He's now referred to as "Herman."

Speaking of penguins, here's a few that perch on our holiday tree limbs...

Christmas is just days away! Many folks have already started their festivities and holiday travels, and we will soon. I'm looking forward to lots of yummy food and some special gift giving - we finally found the box that held all our treasured trinkets acquired during our recent year abroad. There are so many special memories still lingering from our time in Scotland, but this year we look forward to making even more new ones with family at home in Texas! And at long last, I'll soon have the DIY ornament post I've been promising with one as a special giveaway... so c'mon on back!

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  1. Love the tree...by the time y'all have been married 25 years you will have enough ornaments for SEVERAL trees!! Shhhh!!! Don't tell Mike!


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