Cowboy Christmas

I am loving having our regular holiday decorations up this year, we were very happy to get to move in before Christmas! Last year in Scotland, we had to make do with a mini tree and a handful of ornaments that I'd brought with us for a taste of home. Though our Scottish month of December involved plenty of beautiful snow, train rides and a trip to Paris, we are quite content to cozy up in our new home in Katy and enjoy all our things that we've missed. In our front entryway is our "Texas tree," festooned with all my Lone Star ornaments I've acquired over the past couple years.

A hand painted glass ornament with cowboy boots by my mom.

A Texas license plate-esque ornament from my sister.

A rustic Cowboy figurine from the Neals.

A tin star ornament I purchased in Gruene, TX.

Our original tree topper for our main tree purchased years ago. It now adorns the hall tree.

A cute welcome sign from Hobby Lobby.

Our Texas country Christmas hallway!

What special ornaments do you decorate with? How do you choose your tree themes each year?


  1. Very Nice!!! I can see you are getting it all together! I just posted a blog about my red neck Christmas bathroom!! Can't wait for you to see the guest room. It looks more 'grown up.' I LOVE that YOU love to make a house a home....using what you have and making it work! SO happy THIS year you are not having to 'make do'!!

  2. We have a couple of trees: patriotic, santa and will probably have a kid tree theme of disney, sesame stree and such in the next few years with little Abby. Plus, we collect Christmas ornaments when we travel. I bet you will have a beach Christmas tree in the next few years.


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