Winter Wonderland

"Baby, it's cold outside" is an understatement. It looks like a blizzard! The snow began falling yet again last night, blanketing the ground with a cool 4-5 inches. Then it snowed again in the wee hours of the morning and yet again as we were preparing to leave for work today. Now it's coming down in thick succession, a steady curtain of fluffy white snowflakes.

We watched from our flat window as several neighbors attempted to make their escape by car, trying their best to get to work. One Porsche made it all the way to the end of the parking lot, ready to jubilantly turn onto the muddy, slushy street, when his car got stuck. (Pretty sure that's the second time this week he's done that!) Another car had returned from an unsuccessful venture, sliding through the parking lot before deciding to swing into the nearest feasible parking spot. One lady came out and spent a good 15 minutes brushing all the snow off her car while her little dog pounced and prodded the powder covering the asphalt.

Alas, I was able to get to work, stuffing my dress pants into my boots and bundling up like it was an artic blast. The snow melts onto your hair and clothing, leaving you wet and worse for wear, and I hate being cold!

Mike was sweet enough to walk me to the office since the company bus wasn't running today and he wasn't about to convince our little Nissan Micra to brave the roads. The snow over the weekend wasn't as thick as this is, we actually have powder to crunch through and your feet sink down several inches as you search for the pavement on each step. By the time we reached my office, Mike had rolled the ultimate perfect snowball in his hand, but I'm not sure who he was saving it for...

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