Food for the "Soul"

The weather worked to our advantage today, the sun came out and thawed the icey streets to slush so everyone was out and about in their cars, getting in the last work day for 2009, finishing Christmas shopping or flooding the grocery stores for dinner supplies. Mom and I started off our day with a walk up to Union Street, enjoying the blue skies on the way, and grabbed some lunch at Soul Bar. I ♥ their oriental beef and spicy noodle bowl, it's one of the few things I can get here with tons of flavour and spices! Mom got an Italian BMT Parisian Baguette, also a good choice. You can't really go wrong with food or drinks at Soul, they've pretty much got it all. On crazy fun nights, we like to kick things off with their pitcher of TVR (tequila, vodka and Red Bull). And the inside of the cathedral church-turned-bar is just gorgeous. The original stained glass windows on the walls act as stand-in works of art, while a smartly-lit modern square bar takes center stage in the space. Low-slung tables with banquette seating line the dark wood walls and dark brown high-tops take up the remaining space surrounding the bar. They also keep tons of red jar candles lit day and night, which adds a sort of cozy, sexy feel to the place. And on weekends, the DJ leads the services, spinning tunes atop his center-stage pulpit!

After Soul, we walked back to the flat and dusted all the snow off the car for our trip to Asda. I'd been so worried that the roads weren't going to clear up before Christmas and we'd have to walk to the main grocery store on Union Street for all our supplies... which also means you have to carry it home! Asda was super busy so it took us about two hours to make it down all the aisles, but we got everything loaded fine and made it safely home.

For dinner tonight, I made my Greek salad (I included the recipe in my "Who's Hungry?" post) with herb marinated chicken. Delish! We watched Die Hard 4--I deem any of the Die Hards a must-watch during the holidays--and Louis Dean laughed through the whole thing. We are so happy to be sharing such a great time with them! I'll leave you with some pictures from our dinner Saturday night at Ferryhill.

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