One Big Hack

Scoot that graphic to the right a tad, alter the size of the font in the middle, flatten all the layers aaaaannnnnddd.....done. I'd wrapped up a new custom invitation for a client—I've been churning out print-your-own invites in all sorts of fun themes and hope to list revised versions in my Etsy shop soon!—and despite the late hour, I still had a little more homework to do. Hair.

My computer screen looked like this for over an hour...

...and I still couldn't decide whether to chop it or not!! A long a-line bob was looking better and better. So I scrolled and browsed some more, enjoying this....

....drinking this...

...and ignoring all this. Pretty much like Bandit, he didn't care for the laundry pile much either.

The next morning came early and I got my whole crew up, fed, dressed, prepped, shoed and out the door for a photo shoot my mom had scheduled with a friend of hers who dabbles in photography. The kids enjoyed a lush, green park setting and I think some good pictures were had. I love these two that we snapped on my phone—one of them with my beloved step-dad who they call "granddad" and one of them with mama. My babies are growing up!

My mom and I swapped vehicles and she and my step-dad took the kiddos to eat at an old-fashioned diner then back to their house, while I made a beeline for a few quick errands then totally splurged on a lunch menu steak and potatoes. While updating my fantasy football line-up for the next week because, you know, priorities. 

Afterward it was time for the big whack! I sat down like this...

...and finished like this!

My uber talented stylist did the perfect cut and color just like I'd hoped for, taking a whopping eight inches off the back of my hair. I'm excited I can donate it and will be sending the strands to the non-profit, Children With Hairloss

When I got home, I had just enough time to buzz around and clean up a few things, like breakfast dishes still sitting out from the morning because some days there really isn't two seconds to spare. I dislike a messy house as much as the next gal, but I've learned to relax a little about the chaos because it truly is a sign of four active, healthy kids and I'd trade a spotless pad for them any day. ;)

Before I knew it, it was time to pick up the kiddos from my mom's and I tried to leave in my house shoes with no keys. Not the only time I'll lose my mind for a minute! Now if I can just stop running my fingers through the imaginary extra eight inches of hair I keep thinking are still there, I'll look just a wee bit less crazy...
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  1. LOVE IT! Looks fantastic!

  2. I LOVE your hair. It is so cute on you. Glad you got some time to yourself to get things done.

  3. You look marvelous!!! I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge. Plus, you will make a difference to someone experiencing hair loss. xoxo, amber

  4. As though you could look any cuter! And THAT is the new hairstyle that is supposed to be THE thing. You got a jump start! Love it! -Elizabeth


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