{Quad Squad} Happy Baby Video + More

That sweet Trystan Lee loves to wake up with a smile on her face, which slaps one right across my own. She's just too cute!

Good Morning from Trystan! from Texas Take on Vimeo.

It's been a busy week with doctor appointments, deadlines for work, scheduling more doctor appointments (tons of follow-ups with preemies), setting up our first professional photo shoot with the babies and introducing new things like spoon feeds! It's a beautiful, messy (occasionally tearful) sight. Ha.

Kailey girl mid-spoon feed.
Logan figuring out whether to eat the spoon or her bib.
I'll be sharing more about how we worked up to spoon feeds, how it went and whatever helpful tidbits I've gathered so far. 'Course we'll see how helpful they really are, as it might simply amount to: "Have a stack of five burp cloths ready per baby. When finished, wipe baby's face, head, hands, your face, head, hands and dump everything into the laundry. The end."

I'll also be debuting a new category on my blog called "Food for Thought," which you'll find in the list of category subjects in the sidebar. It's been awhile since I've posted any new recipes under "My Recipes" category, since I've been doing a lot of quick-hit cooking lately versus full-blown dinners. The new "Food for Thought" category will be a photo montage of meals I've made lately with basic ingredients and how-to instructions that you can whip together in 15 to 20 minutes. Looking forward to sharing!

Plus, my Frequently Asked Questions #2 post is in the works! Dying to know something about quad life? Or my cooking? Or what goes on here on the daily? Or how I manage to look so fabulous all the time? Alright, so yoga pants and flip-flops aren't your attire du jour. Fine.

Drop me a question in the comments section—remember to keep it clean homies!—and I'll dish out answers coming soon. Be sure to check out my first FAQ post here.

Lastly, what's better than four cute little quaddies watching a bit of cartoons? Why, I couldn't think of anything else either.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I know it's super nosy and you don't have to answer, but how do you guys make it financially? It's expensive with two, I can't imagine four babies at once!

  2. What a wonderful way to start the morning,seeing such a happy little one.
    How often do you purchase your diapers/wipes,would you be interested in any coupons for them, or any other baby product?
    With the babies sleeping thru the night, and starting spoon feeds, do you still feed them every three hours during the day?
    Do you still go by the schedule you and your hubby set up awhile back?
    Thanks for the chance to ask questions,looking forward to your
    Food for thought section.

  3. They are all just so cute and growing so fast! Can't believe it's spoon feeding time! You'll are just doing and awesome job, these babies are so blessed to have you all in their lives. Love the video and all the pictures, who couldn't smile at those sweet faces!

  4. Waking up to that smiling face every morning would brighten anyones day. What precious little ones and they are growing so fast. Can't wait for the Food for thought section that sounds very interesting.

    Question...How do all the quad babies do with your fur-babies and vice versa.

    We have 3 hound dogs and they keep me moving so I can't imagine how hectic your life is with fur-babies and 4 two-legger babies.

    I believe you are SuperMom. :)

    Have a great day!


  5. What do you do when there ate multiple crying babies and not enough hands to go around? How are your solo times going? How often does your nanny come to help out? How are the kids with reflux doing, is that still an issue? So many questions!!!

  6. This may be nosy as well, but how do you financially handle four newborns? Again, no specifics, but do you have tricks that help (i.e. buy in bulk, coupons, etc)? Also, how easily are the babies to put to sleep? Do they go right to sleep when you put them down for naps or bed or is there crying, rocking, pacifying, etc?
    Thanks and I love your blog! A Texas Twin Mom!


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