{Quad Squad} 12 weeks

I've reached the last leg of the first trimester and I'm happy to report I'm starting to feel a little better. Well, better in the sense that I'm not as nauseous as usual and my migraines are a bit more frequent then, say, every waking second. So definitely signs of improvement. (Pregnant women are tough, this has been hell!)

It's only been a few days though, and I'm still on my Zofran, so I'm hoping this trend continues and I can start to eat like a normal person... or even a person pregnant. That'd be nice. I absolutely love food and it's about near broken my heart that we've had so much distance between us.

Sometimes I just have to take a moment and remember what's really going on... then I usually get this face:

The husband and I still cycle through feelings of being overwhelmed and feelings of excitement each week. And then we've already had a lot of laughs, like this morning when we used a stuffed monkey as a pretend baby so we could try out the preemie diapers. Which might I add are microscopically tiny. When it was the husband's turn to slap on a diaper he picked up the monkey by it's feet and hoisted it completely off the table so the poor little monkey-baby was hanging upside down. I busted out laughing and told him he would not be able to suspend the kids that way when it was the real deal. His face was hilarious when he realized a greater portion of the "baby" had to stay on the surface. We don't need any flying monkeys!

In other news, I'm having a cerclage done next week and am a bit nervous. More so about the actual events leading up to the procedure, probably. Nobody enjoys hospitals, being poked with IV's or wearing backless gowns. I'll be sedated for it and the operation shouldn't take more than 10 to 15 minutes. *If you're a male reader or someone not interested in the intimate quantum mechanics of child-having, then skip the next sentence.* But a cerclage is where they place a few sutures in your cervix to help prevent pre-term labor. I have talked to more than 30 quad moms that have had this done, and it's proven to be very effective and not a big deal. And if I think I'm really up to having four kids, then I'm gonna buck up and deal with this little road bump head on, too. Doc says I'll have two days of bed rest and a week "in bed" with permission to move around but take it easy.

So that's that. I've enjoyed a break off my feet, but now it's time to get back to cleaning my house and trying to be productive while my feel-good hours are still in effect. Look for more updates next week, including a new ultrasound video, my procedure recovery and a second trimester 13-week photo!


  1. Good for you!! I am so excited you are feeling a bit more energetic! I would love to see a video of Mike diapering a preemie/monkey!!

  2. Yay! So glad you are feeling better! I appreciate you explaining what things mean! I do not know anything about having babies so I hate when people are all into their pregnancy lingo and I have to pretend to understand! haha I am glad you are including us on this journey! :)

  3. I swear that I'm bigger than you and I'm only pregnant with one. I'm going to blame it on having 2 kiddos already :) You look adorable, I'm not looking so cute these days!

    I agree with your momma, you should have got Mike on tape diapering that monkey. That had to have been hillarious. You guys will do perfectly fine, before a few weeks in diaparing will be second nature.

    Hope everything goes well with your procedure. I've known several women to have it done due to past cervical procedures and they all faired just fine with it.

    Congrats on feeling better & hitting Trimester 2

  4. Glad you feeling a little relief but I'm like your mom I would have loved seeing Mike diaper the monkey. LOL


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