25 Things

I've seen some pretty interesting posts from some of my favorite bloggers lately that simply list 25 things... 25 random thoughts, facts, musings or otherwise unimportant pieces of information that you need to know in order to keep on living. So here's my take:

1. I am a stickler about spelling and grammar on my blog. You know I've made a post when I'm really exhausted if there's an error.

2. I recently discovered my giant 90-pound white lab loves bananas.

3. Every two weeks, it bothers me if I don't get a pedicure.

4. The color pink is not a part of my wardrobe in any way, shape or form.

5. It's driving me crazy not knowing what sexes our quadruplets are yet. I didn't think this would bother me, but I'm ready to find out now!

6. I have a real phobia of sharks... and more recently, of extreme heights.

7. When I eat, I work my way around the plate leaving proportionate amounts of each food item right down to the end.

8. Within the next two to four years, I intend to write a book. It's probably going to be about life before and after having quadruplets. Just sayin'.

9. Wow, in a few months I'll have four kids. Like, all at the same time.

10. I could listen to the song "Even if it Breaks Your Heart" by the Eli Young Band a million times in a row.

11. I can be a very shy person on occasion and when I'm quiet around new people, they often think I'm being snobby. Who do they think they are!? Ha, kidding...

12. Every day, I sort of wait to completely spaz out about the fact that I'm having four kids but it never really happens.

13. Miralax is currently my favorite medicine. I don't care if it's TMI, you can thank my four unborn babies for that little gem.

14. I've decided I still love all the Texas country accents in our house, but I want to infuse some slightly more contemporary things to balance out our interiors so we don't get mistaken for a hill country cabin.

15. All my life, I've been a huge multi-tasker and lately sometimes I can't even remember... wait, what was I talking about?

16. I really and truly miss my hard-core workout classes. There's something so rewarding about sweating until you steam.

17. Because of being pregnant with quadruplets, I have to take two pre-natal vitamins a day plus a folic acid supplement. I feel like I'm swallowing horse pills.

18. Whenever I'm feeling uninspired, I watch It's Complicated or Julie & Julia.

19. Last week, I ate three hamburgers. What? I'm pregnant. With quads. So really, I should've eaten four to keep things fair.

20. Grocery shopping and cooking are like therapeutic activities for me.

21. I have been on a lengthy search for the perfect cowboy boots and one of my favorite local boutiques just got in some super adorable Texas State University boots (my alma mater). I want them so bad I could die. Problem: they are $400.

22. I need like $400 just for diapers to cover the butts of my quad squad. That should get me through two weeks.

23. Wondering if you're still with me...

24. There's not a single app on my smart phone that gets used, other than my Yahoo Mail and Facebook apps. I don't even care if it's lame.

25. Sometimes I think so fast that I lose an idea before I have time to make a mental note of it. No really, I do. It's weird.

25 1/2. Hopefully you didn't abandon me early, thanks for reading and feel free to leave a link to your own "25 Things" post in the comments section. :)


  1. Children make you lose your memory and I guess yours are already sucking out your memory cells. LOL. They are worth it.How about 10 things about me as I don't know if I can come up with 25. 1.I have a large feather birthmark. 2.I dream in color. 3. I am always thin in my dreams. 4. I have had 5 legal last names in my life but only been married twice. 5.Most ppl think I am an extrovert but I'm not. 6. I prefer to be with ppl one on one not in groups. 7. In a group setting you can usually find me in the kitchen cleaning up so I don't have to deal with fake conversation. 8. I am very sentimental.9. I love to go to plays and musicals. 10. I was 5th born but raised the oldest. Now you know!

  2. I can't even imagine what an exciting journey your on being pregnant with quads. I'm so happy to be following alone. Oh & I totally think shopping is theraputic too :)

  3. nice post.....love learning new things about my fellow bloggers...

  4. I loved reading these!! And I thought I knew all about you!! I may try doing this.....

  5. Love this post. I'll think about doing it on my blog. We're of the same mind when it comes to numbers 1, 3, 6, 11, 20, and 25.

  6. I just read this to Louis Dean and he got a kick of it!!


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