{Home Decor} Thanksgiving Centerpiece Inspirations

My husband and I won't be traveling for Thanksgiving this year, one of the things for which I am grateful. A few years ago, we opted to stay at home on Thanksgiving and then travel home to see everyone during an extended stay at Christmas. This way, we weren't stressed about rationing out vacation days, packing up all the pets or making the intensely busy trip twice in a row. It worked like a charm. We treasure our time at home together—eating a feast worthy for 10 with all the trimmings, despite the fact that it's usually just us two—and feel so relaxed during Thanksgiving and enjoy putting up our Christmas decorations and reliving all the memories that emerge along with our tree ornaments.

This year, we'll be eating the main dinner with close friends of ours then returning to our house to decorate, watch movies, eat more food and relax. Even though all of my fall is put away and we'll be assembling our new nine-foot tree (so excited!), I wanted to come up with a pretty fall centerpiece for when the two of us sit down to enjoy our own meal together.

Here's some pretty photos to leave you with, I especially love the arrangements with the colorful cranberries. Dried beans, corn and split peas are easy and affordable to come by, and my favorite centerpiece—albeit a bit more involved—is the photo at the end. Gorgeous! You can find credits and links to each of these on my Pinterest. (Yep, I finally joined and it's taking me awhile to get going. So many photos, so little time!)

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!


  1. All great ideas. I can see the layered beans in my new little find from Goodwill. Or perhaps pur coffee beans in it and snuggle a candle down in there! I will check you your pinterest! Surely I am following you!!

  2. love the table decoration...cute idea...

  3. Love all the pictures and ideas.
    Thanks for sharing


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