{Fashion} Seeing Spots (& Stripes!)

For the past week, my sweet little momma has been staying with me. The husband was away hunting for awhile, so she and I have had a blast cooking, shopping, crafting and watching tons of movies. We both love watching a good flick! My mom has also shared a couple blog posts during the week (here and here), and from the sound of it, I'd say she's having a good time, too.

There was one speed bump in my happy-go-lucky week, though. The husband and I found out our trip to Italy, slated to begin at Thanksgiving, has been post-poned indefinitely. We were going for his job and getting a few extra days due to the holiday to browse around one of our favorite countries, but things aren't quite ready so for now we'll be stickin' around home. I'm pretty bummed, to say the least, and am hoping the trip pulls through later. I'd ordered a couple things, like some scarves and sweaters, to take with me and pulled out all my boots for packing! It's been in the 80s during the daytime here in Houston, Texas, leaving few chances for cold-weather gear. Recently, though, it's gotten into the 60s for a short spell—which I figured was a good excuse to wear my Italy-destined apparel for now.

Goofy poses aside—that "cold" weather must've gotten to me—I'm loving my new leopard-print infinity scarf from Express. The striped shirt was an $8 sale order from Express as well, the skinny jeans are Charlotte Russe and the boots are vintage. 

Mom and I got mani/pedi's this week, too, and my bright turquoise-ish blue reminds me of peacocks... in a happy way!

We've had a great time palling around and I'm so glad my mom's flexible enough to come down and stay for a week at a time, and I'm grateful my home office allows me to enjoy that! Today, I'm busy getting ready for my second-ever craft show, which will take place in Pearland tomorrow. Do you live in the area? Come look for my Texas Take booth at Billy's Hall and say hello! Mom and I will both be there...

Isn't she cute!? :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Ahhhhh.....I LOVE it!! Thanks for sprucing up my blog for the holidays! This has the BEST week!!!

  2. so happy you girls had a great week...good for both of you...I just love your Mom...


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