The Falls of September

Happy weekend! I've been crazy busy this week with some magazine deadlines, preparing items for my first craft show for my jewelry biz, Texas Take, and traveling in and out of town at an alarming speed. I haven't even unpacked my bag from Dallas and I need to repack it as we speak!

But I did take a break from the yard work, laundry, writing and cleaning to pull my fall decorations down from the attic...

I wasn't going to decorate until closer to October, but then I realized I hadn't seen any of my fall or Christmas decorations in two years!!! In 2009, we celebrated the holidays abroad while living in Scotland (see our Thanksgiving and Christmas posts) and in 2010 we were living with friends during Turkey Day  while searching for a new home after moving back to Texas, which we moved into just in time for Christmas.

Soooo, I decided that a two-year hiatus called for any kind of decorating or seasonal celebrating I want! Typically, I'm a huge fan of summer time. I love coconut, pools, the smell of chlorine, tanning oil, hot weather (yes, I really do enjoy hot weather) and burning candles that smell like a piña colada. But because this is sorta of an exception with the near forgotten decorations and all, I just lit a pumpkin spice-scented candle and am breaking out the red and orange leafy garland. (Just one, though. I don't tend to go overboard since my husband is surveying the box of decor with a wary eye!)

These old kitties are keeping me company, too:

{Snowball, 13 years old}

{July, 19 years old}

What are you doing this weekend? Aside from traveling, we kicked off the official start of NFL football season at Buffalo Wild Wings with—you guessed it!—wings and beer. A gal should never be without a super flattering head shot of her lips on a beer bottle. :)

On a serious note, please keep Texas in your prayers, so many towns and cities have been affected by the fires that continue to rage. We know some unfortunate souls in Bastrop who lost everything and others who are in imminent danger of the flames reaching their home. Yesterday, our area of town was very hazy with smoke and smelled like a chimney. We need rain and we need it now.

Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Glad you are embracing the season! Those are two cute kitty pics!

  2. That box wasn't big enough... Are you sure you're related to Linda? LOL


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