{Daily Pics} Time with Mom!

While the husband was away this weekend at a bachelor party, my mom decided to come in town and keep me company. I was glad, too, since it can get pretty quiet around here when I'm the only one at home! We had a great time getting pedicures, shopping, I cooked and we celebrated her birthday! My mom is one incredible person and I'm so blessed to have her.

From top to bottom:

1.) Sporting a new top I got at Target... love the ruffles and that it's not too girly for me. Bought it in two different patterns!
2.) Making my mom a birthday breakfast! Fried potatoes, scrambled egg whites w/ cheese, turkey bacon and fruit.
3.) After breakfast, we headed straight for the nail salon. I surprised my mom with a pair of bling flip flops for her birthday. She'd been admiring my zebra ones for awhile, and I knew she could use a little extra sparkle. ;)
4.) We shopped all afternoon on Saturday - and good finds make for a great reward. We each picked up one of these super cute leopard-print lamps at Stein Mart for just $2.97!
5.) My adorable momma hanging out with me at home (with the zebra pillow she made for me!)... happy birthday, I love you!!


  1. I had SUCH a wonderful birthday and enjoyed every minute of my time with you!! The good news is: I will see you Friday as we celebrate your 5th anniversary as well as cheering for TEXAS STATE!! GO BOBCATS!!

  2. That is a great picture of your mom with the Zebra pillow.


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