Pizza, Washers and Grape Jelly

Since we had a long day of drinkin' yesterday - someone had to cheer on USA at the World Cup! - it's been a quiet post-work afternoon with intermittent patches of sunshine and equal amounts of gray clouds and rain. Boo. Where's summer when ya need it?

Out with the gang.

The husband representing USA!

One last bar for one more beer before the walk home.

I've been trying to keep up with our laundry since we got back from Italy, but with such a teeny tiny washer and dryer (one that takes hours to get the job done, mind you), it's been a slow process.

So inbetween loads, I took a gander at the Rachael Ray magazine my mom-in-law sent over recently. And it's the grilling issue - score!

Makes me miss hot Texas summers and BBQs even more. I'm eager to try out some of the marinades I've come across, especially one that involves cayenne pepper and grape jelly. Yep, I'm not kiddin'.

At the last minute, Mike was able to join a friend's stag party out in Newcastle this weekend, so he's leaving tomorrow morning. Meaning I've got to come up with ways to entertain myself while he's gone. (Working a golf day all day tomorrow, so fortunately that just leaves Saturday and Sunday.) I'm the one in need of as much social interaction as I can get from the small pool of people I do know over here... and he's running off for a weekend of fun and mayhem! Ah well, it's just as good since we're leaving soon, and it's a prime opportunity for him to kick back with his buddies and soak up Scotland while he can.

Since he's out of town this weekend, we're relaxing tonight with pizza, beer and a movie. What's not to love?

Hope everyone's gearing up for a nice weekend... in the sun!


  1. I'm sure there is something to do there. Do you get along with your co-workers there?

    Enjoy your time tonight!

  2. Thanks Stevy! My company only consists of the owner and his wife, so not much of a social life there to rely on. We mostly hang out with all the folks from Mike's office, who are great! And there's been a small group of fellow Americans we've become friends with. Some of them are moving back at the end of this month, so everyone's thinning out. We'll be home soon after!!

  3. Well I can't wait for you to get here! You have been SO busy a little down time might actually be good for you! Get caught up on your sleep....you don't need to get sick at this stage of the game!

  4. I've done a marinade has cayenne and blackberry jelly in it- Fantastic!!


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