An 8-Legged Update

I realized yesterday that I never did post another update on my two sweet cats, Snowball and July, since explaining about the whole health debaucle and Snowball's 10-day intensive vet care.

Fortunately there's a happy ending to share, all turned out well! It was a relief, too, since Mike and I were off traveling Italy and I had been up around the clock arranging Snowball's care and her transportation between the overnight vet and the day vet in Alabama from thousands of miles away and on a six-hour time difference!

My mom and step-dad, Louis Dean, both came to the rescue and burned up the highway to get to Alabama and retrieve my kitties from my cousin, who'd been keeping them since last year. The next day they brought Snowball (13) and July (18) back home to Texas and have been showering them with lots of TLC.

Mom with Snowball in Alabama.

July on her way back to Texas.

Snowball was dianosed with diabetes and had been wasting away, and July is now successfully on a thyroid medication to help her overactive thyroid. Both cats were very emaciated and not in good health when my mom picked them up, reporting they were lethargic and depressed. That's not like my kitties!

Though they are old, they are a big part of my life and very loveable with noticable personalities. They always follow me around the house when I'm home with them. So to hear they just didn't seem interested in their surroundings was not a good sign.

Snowball at the vet, poor kitty.

Miracle of all miracles, though, both cats have already gained some weight back and Snowball's feeding tube was removed and they're both on a diabetic cat food diet. Snowball is currently not receiving any insulin whatsoever. The vet in Texas said that the doctors in Alabama did a great job treating her and as long as she's eating, the insulin won't be necessary.

Back at the home she grew up in, July is happy as a clam.

I am so happy they are doing so great, and they seem quite pleased with themselves to be the center of attention in the Chapman house! My step-dad is spoiling them with daily brushing and plenty of affection. I think they're growing on him. ;)

Snowball receiving oodles of lovin' from my mom and step-dad!
The insertion from her feeding tube is nearly healed and she's recovering well.

And I'm so thankful for family and all the help we've received from various family members over the past year to help make our time in Scotland possible. We couldn't have done it without yall! Animals have always held a special place in my heart, I've had some tremendous pets over the years and am still on my first ones since my kitty cats have lived so long!

Sometimes they are just what you need to put a grin on your face, reminding you how much you miss them from far away. Like my doggie, Jersey, who's decided to spend her naptimes in the Texas heat atop the patio table at Mike's parent's house. Smart girl.

"The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into our company, pets we allow into our solitude."
~Robert Brault

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  1. It is our pleasure to take care of yoru kitties! They both follow Louis Dean around and favor HIS lap over mine any day! I also like the way you insert 'links' to previous posts! I am still getting my blog legs under me! Perhaps you could do a quick 'summer' look to my blog when you get a spare minute.


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