Things I Miss

I miss my dogs SO MUCH, my cats, meeting up with friends and family, Sonic drive-ins, our house, a real Walmart where you can find things, decent restaurants, tortilla soup and fajitas at On the Border, regular Chinese food, cheap tanning beds (so expensive here), hot summer weather where I can wear shorts and flip flops (I swear these people have no idea what sweats are, I get looks every time I wear them!), American dvds and Netflix, American movies that come out on time and not 2 months later, my cell phone, my Avalanche, driving on the right side of the road, driving anywhere for that matter instead of walking everywhere, Starbucks iced black tea (don't serve iced tea here anywhere), dishwashers, storage space or even an extra closet or two, our Texas-sized bed, central air conditioning and Bud Light. Gosh, I miss the hell out of some Bud Light.

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