Beach Babes!

Yesterday we went to the Queens Links, a beach and leisure park on the water. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day, the sun was out with not a cloud in the sky! Queens Links is various restaurants and a couple family entertainment centers--bowling, laser tag, videos games, bumper cars, etc. Makes for a fun afternoon!

We were excited to walk in the sand, but the water was FREEEEZZZZZING!!!

We decided to try our luck and ate lunch at Chiquito's, our first meal at a "Mexican" restaurant. It wasn't quite as bad as we had prepared ourselves for, you seriously can't go into any restaurant here, I've decided, and expect the food to come out just like you'd imagined. It's just not the same in Scotland, or we're just too used to the Americanized way of things. Either way, Chiquito's wasn't too bad. We got an appetizer (starter) of beef empanadas, which were too much pastry and not enough meat. They came with sour cream, which also wasn't quite like sour cream but more like sour curd. But our main meal of barbeque ribs, onion rings and fries was pretty good. I ate every bite!

Because of such vast food differences between the US and here, I've still been doing a ton of cooking. Especially our own Mexican and Chinese.

Afterwards we played a couple rounds of video games (I won!) and then headed home to park the car and walk to the movies to see "Gamer" with Gerard Butler. Swoon. The movie was pretty raunchy at first but got better in the end, an interesting plot idea.

Today we spent several hours trying to find space for the rest of our clothes, which have been stashed in the guest bedroom for the past few weeks. Since our first visitors will arrive before long we figured we'd better do some organizing. Everything is now almost put away. I'll be able to spend some time on it this week as well as make dinner preparations for a wonderful meal for our 3 year anny on Tuesday!

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