Our Fourth Weekend

Well, if you read my last post, I am happy to report that fireworks were a success! The kids loved them. (And so did their dada, if the adorable photo below is any indication.)

My parents joined us for dinner earlier in the evening, which was cooked entirely on the grill. The husband did a great job manning the flames and getting everything grilled to perfection!  Grilled stuffed burgers, beef sausage, zucchini, potatoes and corn. It was so good!

The kids played outside in the backyard while dinner was made and we had music playing. There were extra seats at the table and flowers in the vase. All the makings of a holiday. :)

After dinner, we drove to a nearby field and set out our lawn chairs and cracked open a few drinks while we waited for darkness to settle. I broke out the glow bracelets and wands for the kids and they chased each other around in the grass before the booms and sparkles started. All four enjoyed the fireworks so much! They rotated through their chairs and our laps during the show, each one commenting on the colors, the shapes or sizes. One of my favorite moments was when Trystan was sitting in her little blue plastic lawn chair at my feet and said, "Oh, I love it!"

It truly was the perfect 4th and a memorable one since the kids have now experienced fireworks! Since we all went to bed late, they slept in late and we had to work hard to get everyone woken up for church this morning. Unfortunately, Harrison's fever is still hanging around and he wasn't feeling very well again (he's had some good moments over the weekend at least) so he stayed home with the husband while I took the girls with me to church. It was my Sunday to help in their Children's Church class, then my mom met up with us afterward and we girls all went to lunch. I love that I can do things like that with my kids now! I remember when they were babies and thinking about all the fun outings we'd experience with them when they were older, or the plans we could make at the last minute "just because." And now all that is happening, which makes me very grateful and happy.

I'd been desperately wanting to take the girls to see the new Cinderella movie once it hit the dollar theater and there was a showing right after our lunch. But it was also their typical nap time and I knew there was no way Kailey would make it through. So I dropped her off at the house, feeling totally guilty that I was sneaking the other two girls off with me and my mom and Kailey wouldn't get to go to the movies. We kept it hush-hush so she wouldn't get upset, and she ran inside straight to Harrison who had been laying on the couch. She literally squealed with happiness to see him and he gave her the biggest hug around the neck. Melted my heart into a million sobby pieces! Without hardly a second glance at me, she hopped up onto the couch next to him and snuggled into his shoulder and his blanket to join him in watching the movie that he and the husband had started earlier. Clearly she wasn't heartbroken at our division of plans!

So my mom and I took Trystan and Logan to the theater where my sister and her kiddo met up with us as well. It was such a perfect afternoon and we passed cookies and popcorn up and down our row of six, while we all enjoyed a great film. The girls loved it, especially Logan—she had her eyes fixated on the screen the entire time and was completely enthralled with the story. They knew the traditional Cinderella tale and recognized the character in the film, as well as the evil stepmother (muttering "That's not nice!" when she tore the sleeve on Cinderella's dress), the fairy godmother and Prince Charming. They told their daddy all about it when we got home, even how they danced at the ball and Cinderella got a pretty new dress. These are the moments I love.

It's been an awesome holiday weekend and I think we've successfully rotated through all the red, white and blue clothing we own...

Now it's time to get back to the grind and prep for Monday. I was harboring grand plans of a morning at the splash pad but Trystan seems to now be down for the count with a fever as well. So we might be sticking it out at home and hoping this is only a 48-virus that will leave everyone alone soon.

Hoping you enjoyed a wonderful 4th with you and yours! Off to watch the latest episode of The Last Ship and sip some sleepytime tea...
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  1. It was a fantastic weeekend - from start to finish!!!!

  2. Had a great time at the movies, thanks for the invite!

  3. Wow what a great 4th,the expressions on the kids faces are priceless.
    Loved all the pics:) Hope the kids are feeling better,and the rest of you escape whatever they are trying to get.
    Thanks for sharing:)

  4. I still remember being 4 or 5 and seeing the fireworks at the park. And I'm a LOT older than 5 now. I love that you are making memories with your kids. Hope they are all feeling better now and that you and the hubby don't get it.

  5. Their faces say it all! They each look so happy, I love it! Glad you guys were able to see them as a family this year!

  6. The many faces of the Quads.
    Glad y'all had a great 4th.


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