My Sanity Thanks Our Teachers

I remember ushering four kids down the hall, two or three of them holding tightly onto various fingers of my hand as they nervously shuffled their feet along. It was their first day at Mother's Day Out, a sort of pre-cursor to pre-school, if you will. I had to peel a few of them off of me in order to get them through the door of their class room and could still hear their wails as I made my way back to the front doors. But! Within two to three visits to their Monday class, they were loving it. And I was loving it! Alone time to accomplish things, clean house, run errands or simply be by myself is invaluable. -slow clapping for all the moms reading this- 

Thanks to two wonderful teachers, Miss Jean and her daughter Miss MacKenzie, my little quad squad has grown to love their school experience. They've met new friends, learned soooo many new things, they get out of the house and under someone else's care for a day, someone that I trust and respect and admire for teaching my kids so well and we all love this experience! What's better, is that the school is at our home church and the Christian-based teaching is so important and valuable to us.

We've now ended the school year and will resume with summer camp in a few weeks—which can't come soon enough!—but I made sure to grab some cute teacher gifts before their last day in class to let those special ladies know how much we appreciate their efforts!

It's not unusual for me to do all my shopping at Target. I can find any excuse to go to Target and we pretty much only frequent a specific Target store where the clerks, clinic nurse and store manager recognize us in the aisles—especially since Trystan's scary seizure when I was mid-checkout one afternoon. I just feel better shopping in a place that I know has everything I need in the case of an emergency! Besides, where else does it feel perfectly normal to buy bananas, spring wedge shoes and a cute striped toddler shirt all in one shopping trip? Don't forget the mascara and shampoo restock.

But I digress. I wanted to put together a cute summery teacher gift and managed to find everything I needed in my one-stop-shop. There's a fun note pad, perfectly scented summer-time candle, plastic stemless wine glass, pineapple-infused face mask, summer fruit flavored Eos chapstick and an adorable nautical basket (for $3!).

What childcare experience has saved your sanity? And what's your favorite teacher gift? I'll be needing many, many more in all the coming years!! :)

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  1. Joanne M.June 08, 2015

    As a teacher, I am on both sides of the "teacher gift" spectrum- I do volunteer appreciation gifts for some of my incredible parent volunteers, and then occasionally receive gifts as well! My most popular gift to give (and to receive) is the "cookies/brownies/baked treats in a jar", where you layer the dry ingredients in a mason jar, and attach the recipe with a cute ribbon for the recipient to make with their family later! It looks super cute, awesomely tasty, and you don't have to worry about getting something that isn't a person's particular scent or style!

  2. I teach at a slightly higher level (university kids) and I have to say that my most treasured gift to receive is a card (preferably hand made) with a heartfelt message inside. I pin them up on the wall and they inspire me.


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