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Like all my best posts on this blog, this one shall start with a dreary weather report. It's raining. Again. In fact, I decided to actually look at the atmospheric lineup for the next five days and there's no inkling of sun on the radar until Monday. Drat.

How can one feel inspired in the midst of all this bleary, rainy, overcast, dismal and persistent climate?

So glad you asked.

I've been keeping a running list of all the things I'd like to do upon returning home. Many of these include home decor or improvement projects (we'll see how much we can get away with should we end up in a rent house), as well as homemade gifts. All the crafty DIY blog entries I admire on a daily basis have crowded my head with thoughts of jeweled stemwareseashell-inspired decor, and a new appreciation for white spray paint.

The latter being most prevalent.

Every day on my way to work, I pass by two charity shops (thrift stores) that often have unique little gifts or trinkets cattily displayed in their store windows. The last couple weeks I took notice of an elegant glass vase and a few candlesticks. So yesterday I finally snatched them up - for only a few pounds - secretly praying that they'll fit into our shipment back to Texas.

I love having fresh flowers in the house but I don't like having to cut the stems very short. This vase is perfect since it's so tall and I love the graceful curving lip at the top.

You can see I've now got a modest collection of thick wooden candlesticks. The two newest are the cream and the cream-and-brown patterend ones. I plan to spray paint them all a fresh coat of white and use around a fireplace or a prominent shelf in our Texas home. (Please ignore the turquoise wall paint and hideous trim. Compliments of our assigned flat over here in Scotland.)

I also have an old brass lamp much like this one that Centsational Girl revamped, which has been sitting in our guest room in the past. One coat of white paint and a snappy shade and that thing'll be good as new. Check out her before and after:

Image from CentsationalGirl.com

I'm also eager to try out Shermin Williams' new removable wallpaper. Blogger Layla of The Lettered Cottage talks about it here. It's a great way to change the look of a rent house if you're not willing allowed to paint. I'm curious to know if it really truly sticks, but we'll find out this fall when I smack some of that badboy up on the wall! I love the samples Layla picked out - the soft blue and white striped pattern would be great for a seashore-themed bathroom or guestroom.

So there you have it! A decent list to get me started so I can make home feel like home again. I just knew there was some inspirational silver-lining somewhere in those clouds...


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  2. These ideas all sound SO you!!! I love spray paint! It can change drab to sensational in a matter of seconds!! I am using spray paint on a home project today! We sit in the gazebo a lot and now that the mosquitoes are out in full force....TEXAS ones!!!...we need to haul our big industrial fan over there to blow them away! It is an ugly ORANGE but within the hour it will be a lovely brown to go with our gazebo coloring! Can't wait til YOU are sitting out there with me sipping on a glass of iced tea! "What kind of tea IS this?" you will ask. "Your MOM'S ice tea," I will reply! It will be wonderful!

  3. These are really some of the best ideas. I will make my mom aware of all these things so that she could use them to decorate my room.


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