Locks & Rocks

I'm not afraid to admit it. My husband and I locked ourselves inside our house! We decided to make an evening run to the grocery store to get all the necessities for the big Thanksgiving feast we're cooking on Thursday and came home, arms overflowing with bags. Mike got to the front door first and, unbeknownst to me, left the key in the lock, intending to get it out after he'd set down the groceries. I had a couple free fingers and thought I'd be efficient and go ahead and lock the door once I got inside.

When Mike went to go open the door to retrieve his keys, the lock wouldn't budge. Turns out, if you leave a key in the lock on the outside, then lock it from the inside, it stays that way! We exchanged that look that says, "Oh my gosh, did we really just do this?" My initial reaction was to happily state that at least we'd just loaded up on food so if we were locked in for a few days, we'd be in good shape. Then we both considered pounding on the door to get our neighbor's attention, in hopes they might come across the hall and let us out. Of course, I ended up with the most genius idea of rescue, which would have been to order delivery for dinner and have them just, uh, let themselves in.

But my husband, practical engineer that he is, pryed oped the mail slot on the front door and instructed me to fetch a metal coat hanger. So then there we were, both on our knees with our eyes peeping out of the mail slot, prisoners in our own home! He untwisted the coat hanger and managed to stick one end through the key ring and rotate them and pull them out. At the same time, I manuevered the door lock open... and we were free! I am so glad no one walked by, but only since we ended up being successful--if we hadn't been, we would have needed the help!

Before locking ourselves in, and before the grocery store, we'd spent the afternoon rock climbing--something I hadn't done in years. There's a great indoor climbing place in Aberdeen, right by the beach. (It also houses an indoor BMX/skateboard park and cafe.) One of Mike's work buddies, Hans, was kind enough to go with us and, ahem, show us the ropes. He goes several times a week in addition to surfing in the bitter cold water when the waves are good.

After my short stint at Seaworld spent freezing in the icy tank next to the dolphins and Beluga whales despite my being clad in a swim suit, rashguard, wet suit and costume, I just don't understand how anyone would want to be in open-aired water in winter! He says it's "not that bad" but I haven't been a fan of cold water since my synchronized swimming career. It's just not my thang! This was further confirmed when my Masters team and I competed in Vegas last year. We arrived in shorts and tank tops expecting warm weather temps since it was only September, but had to endure 40 degrees, sleet and snow!

But since we weren't in cold water and rather scaling towering walls of fake rocks, it was a great chance to work on my recently acquired discomfort with heights as well as our fitness. My forearms and thighs were killing me! Mike and I are making a point to change things up in regards to our fitness program--he's playing football once a week, I'm picking up spin class and yoga plus our weekly trips to the gym together. We've never been able to be one of "'those" couples that worked out as a couple... and it's really growing on me! I tend to get more motivated when I'm around other people and I may have scared him just a bit when I pulled out the ole medicine ball and demanded three lengthy sets of sit-ups that got me in shape back in my swim days. (Don't worry, I did them too!)

We're certainly ready for Thanksgiving. The turkey is defrosting and we bought a bottle of Jack Daniels, which will have to stand in for the otherwise traditional holiday bottle of Makers Mark. The Christmas tree is lit, my mom sent me American canned green beans and French's fried onions for green bean casserole and we're renting Varisty Blues for a fun all-American movie feature.

I hope to keep the blog udpated a bit more often, I really enjoy writing it and hope to hear comments from any and all who might be reading it now and then. I spent some time researching Paris this afternoon and am so looking forward to all the sight seeing and history we'll be enjoying during our long weekend vacation. If anyone has any tips, please share with us. For now... au revoir et salut!

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  1. I enjoyed reading this latest update....as always! Yay for writing MORE often! We all love it!! Mom

    PS....when we come to visit you will need to help me figure out how to post comments correctly!


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