It's Time!

I can't believe today's the day. We've been preparing for our move to Scotland for about three months. And now it's done.

Mike and I woke up this morning a little tired, a little anxious but very excited. Apparently "boredom" is a word that simply doesn't exist for us. We've spent the last two weeks getting in some quality time with family and friends. My mom and I drove 1,200 miles to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to leave my sweet old cats (July, 16 and Snowball, 12) with my cousin, Sara, and her wonderful husband Scott. Mike flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma to spend time with his older brother. And we've made countless trips to areas around Big D for lunches, dinners and drinks with all our favorite folks. But now I cannot wait to step foot in Aberdeen, Scotland and begin our one-year adventure. It's an opportunity of a lifetime for us. Who ever knew we'd be spending 2009-2010 living in Scotland?! I am as proud of us for having the courage to take on the trip as I am for all the work it took to get things ready. And let me tell you, I've never seen Mike do so much paper work in my life. ;)

My suitcases are a little questionable, they barely shut and probably each weigh 100 lbs. Hey, I packed as light as I could. So my master packer (aka the husband) is about to go see what he can do to get my last one zipped up. Then we're off to the airport!

We'll arrive by 10:25am Friday morning, Scotland time. I'll do my best to find us some wifi so we can get online and let family know we made it in, and maybe get a few pictures posted of our new neighbors! Until then, cheers and safe flying, right?

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