In the Beginning...

This is my first blog post. EVER. I was very excited to finally get a layout created that I actually like, and I hope to use it often! Mike and I are absolutely thrilled we'll be moving to Scotland, currently slated for less than two months from now. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the travel visas are finished soon and that everything stays on schedule. There's so much to coordinate though, sometimes it's hard to tell. We've received a lot of great advice from folks on what to pack, it's been extremely helpful. Needless to say, we've loaded up on spices, salsa, advil, black beans and a couple other key things we can't live without. At least for a few months and we're able to get our bearings. Thanks to the oil and gas connection between Houston and Aberdeen, there's a lot of friendly faces in Scotland that we hope to run into.

We were happy to find out the car we'll be provided is an automatic. At first, Mike was sure I wouldn't be able to drive since they operate on the opposite side of the road, traffic is crazy and I've got no idea how to conduct a manual. But now that we're be familar with the vehicle (despite it's MINI size comparison to my OVERsized Avalanche I currently drive), we should be zipping around Scotland in no time. Oh yeah, and we're bringing a GPS.

There's still lots of things to take care of, pack and situate so the month of July will be a very long one. We hope to breathe a sigh of relief once we're finally on the plane and Scotland-bound, preferably in mid-August. So stay tuned!

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