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Here's a pretty comprehensive list of my favorite blogs I've come across, and love, to date. They are a mixture of inspiring, creative, too-cute-for-words, food-savvy and family-related.

(You'll also find a running list of these same links and their latest updates on the bottom of the sidebar on my home page.)

Got a blog you can't live without? Tell me about it!

Linda's Life Journal
This is my mom's blog and I read it every day. For someone that used to couldn't type very well, she's blazed her way onto Facebook and now into the blogging community. I love seeing glimpses of home, even when I'm far away. And my mom, a diehard creative soul, has never been one to sit and twiddle her thumbs, so she's always got something interesting going on.

The Lettered Cottage
This cute little couple lives in a cute little house in Alabama. And her udpates are pretty cute, too. I've never been so inspired to decorate my home as I am when I read Layla's blog!

Centsational Girl
Need to get motivated? Hop on over to this reader and get going. Kate's a full-time mom, designer extraordinaire and she's got a killer instinct for furniture makeovers and flea market-finds.

Veronika's Blushing
An acquaintance from Houston who has become a friend over blogs, Veronika posts everything you need to know about fashion, makeup, hair and more. I don't typically read beauty-related blogs, but her's has become a helpful tool when you're deciding on your next skincare purchase or how to use a new curling iron. (I'm still working on that last one.)

Life in the Super Burbs
It's cute, whimsy and oh-so-true. If you need a refreshing moment in your day, or wedding insight or inspiration, take a quick peek at this Super gal.

The Ever-Changing Life of a Military Wife
Casey's blog title says it all. She's lived abroad much longer than I care to admit being gone myself, and she takes all of life's military (and other) adventures with a grain of educated salt.

Stuart MacBride takes my cake every time. He's a, ahem, novel writer situated in the north-east of Scotland. I discovered him when we moved to Aberdeen and began his DI Logan McRae series set in the same city. It gave me plenty of entertainment during our year in the gray granite city. And his blog reflects the same snark, witty saracasm that gets me every time.

Homemade by Holman
If I'm ever in a recipe rut, I scoot on over to this delicious blog and take a gander at what's on the menu.

House of Smith's
Another fantastically cute, fantastically create design blog that'll get your juices flowing.

Sweet tooth biting? Say no more. Bakerella has the perfect dessert (and all the how-tos) you didn't even know you were looking for.

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