Summery Hallway Table & a GIVEAWAY!!!

*Clicked on this post for a giveway, did ya? Well, I'm hoping to trick you into reading the whole shebang but in case you're in a hurry, giveaway details are at the very end. The loot is a free turquoise bracelet from my Etsy shop, Texas Take. Tell your friends, spread the word!!*

Sometimes you just have to have a few seashells in your life. I love anything ocean- or beach-inspired. It makes me smile and feel good. You may recall my guest room, which features a beachy theme, and is still undergoing more changes and new additions I have planned. If I can ever get around to it! Every time I seem to finally get something crossed off my list, four more things pop up in its place. Busy is as busy does, huh?

Anyway, seeing a lot of blogs featuring summer-time makeovers (like this one and this one) inspired me to try it out with my hallway table. I'd put it off for awhile simply because it's hard sometimes to change the look of something in our home. We are so country that it can appear to clash when you bring in another "look" that doesn't completely jibe with what's already going on. But I decided to hell with it, and I'd stick some seashells on my hallway table anyway.

Here's the before...

...and after. 

I like it for now. What do you think? I used one of the giant shells as a holder for one of the votive candles, and I kept the turquoise candlesticks to infuse it with some bright color. The sign came from Murdoch's Bathhouse in Galveston (a housewarming gift from my sister), the photo frame from Hobby Lobby and most of the shells I've just accumulated over time. I might still rework this as summer goes on... perhaps there's a country beach theme I can learn how to incorporate. I'd like to spruce up my mantel for summer too, and take a break from the Texas flag-inspired stuff, but not sure how to do that just yet. It's all a learning process - just means more blogs to read to inspire me!

Come back for my next post on how I do get inspired (whether to decorate, cook, work or to just feel better about life!) and some interesting book reads I plan to knock out this summer. Speaking of the time of year, I always love to infuse some sort of blonde into my hair for summer. But I didn't want to go all blonde again this time since my hair grows so fast and requires too many trips to the salon and way to much moolah to upkeep. This time, my trusted stylist Mario Tort (owner of Estilo Salon) shaped my layers and used the ombre color technique for my locks. It starts at my roots with my natural dark brown hair, then fades down the strands ending in a shock of blonde at the bottom. I love it!

And now ... drum roll... the moment you've all so patiently been waiting for!! A GIVEAWAY!!!

The prize: this adorable turquoise beaded bracelet from my Etsy shop, Texas Take

The how-to: Leave a comment on this blog post sharing your summer-worthy reads or summer decorating tips, and a winner will be chosen using random.org on Tuesday, July 5!!!

The rules: Only one comment per person, please. Multiple entries will be deleted. This giveaway is open to everyone. Please be sure to include your email address with your comment so I can contact you for mailing details if you win! 

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


  1. I am reading 'The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club' by Gil McNeil. She is an English writer and the story starts out in London and moves to a dilapidated villa in her seaside hometown. I thought about you when I started this book yesterday! Love to 'hear' the English accents as I read!

  2. i definitely recommend 'straight up and dirty' by stephanie klein. it's such a great summer memoir read!



  3. The table looks great! And, again, I LOVE your hair! I may have to get Albert to highlight me soon...I found a grey hair :(

    For reads, I'm liking The Help...Just started it but determined to finish it very soon! I want to see the movie.

  4. I am pretty much obsessed with your hair! It looks amazing! I think I might check out your salon, I have not found one here yet. As far as decorating goes, I am obsessed with Zgallerie! As far as reads, I am kind of obsessed with reading. The Help was good, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, The Art of Racing in the Rain (a great book for dog lovers,) and a fun, easy but very entertaining read is The Hunger Games series! Wow, now that I wrote a novel as a comment, love your shelf and the bracelet! :)

  5. Love the look of the tabel and I think it goes great with the rest of the room. I am reading a book on my kindel but it is one of 18 by Kathleen Lewis and it's something HUGH LOL

  6. This is my first time reading your blog, and I'm hooked :) Love the beachy hall table!

    I just got into reading biographies, so right now I'm reading Elizabeth Taylor's biography and it's a good beach read! What an incredible life she's had. I adore reading biographies while I'm sitting out in the sun!

  7. First time on your blog and hooked! Love your hair (been wondering if the ombre would work for me) and I think your seashells look great with everything else because it's not overboard beachy :)
    Summer read: I want to read "spoiled" from the girls at go fug yourself. I've heard its fun.


  8. I'm reading "The Turn of the Screw" by Henry James. Thanks!


  9. I love the change...Summer Sisters by Judy Blume....keeping my fingers crossed on that braclet...

  10. It's not a particularly summery read, but I just picked up Full Catastrophe Living, a book about mindfulness. We'll see how it goes! Beautiful bracelet!

  11. My Summer read is: Attitudes of Gratitude by M.J. Ryan who reminds us that whatever your goal....keep your eye upon the donut....and not upon the hole!!!! Just wanted to thank you, Amber for such an inspiring Texas Tales!!! Keep up the good work!! Val

  12. I just picked up "My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me" by Hilary Winston. The title sounded interesting so I decided to give it a try!


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