Turquoise Giveaway Winner

And we have a winner!

I counted all the comments made on the turquoise giveaway post, then excluded my own blog comment and any duplicate comments, which left me with 8.

Using random number generator to select from 1-8.... the winner is 7, Katie!!

"Just started following your blog like last week and I love it! You are so cute and entertaining! My favorite decorating color is gray. I know it is a little boring but I feel it is contemporary, versatile and makes other colors pop.
That example is a little extreme for my taste with all the zebra, but it gives an idea!"

Katie, email me your address to claim your prize!
amberlbell {at} yahoo {dot} com

Thanks to everyone for entering!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! Thank you!!! I am so excited! Just emailed you :)


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